Alice - Environmental Engineering (Brazil)

"I’m very happy with this internship. It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about my future career and even more important than this was that I learned more about Australian companies and different things about Environmental Engineering that I can take with me to my country. And with this, I can improve my future work in Brazil.

At first I was very afraid about the internship. I thought that I was not able to do that. But at my first day here, I felt very comfortable with the company. Everybody was very friendly and after that I was feeling very well and could do all the tasks that were given to me. So, the advice that I give to future interns is: even if you are afraid or if you think that you will not able to do an internship, you just have to be patient and calm, because there are a lot of different things about our culture and Australian’s, but everybody is very friendly, so you just have to be open to new opportunities."

Published on by AI.