What are some basic options available through Australian Internships’ Program in Australia?

Work Experience: Gain valuable training and experience by completing an internship with one of Australia's leading organisations. 
English Language: Your English skills and confidence will improve greatly in a workplace environment. English language tuition is also available to assist you gain the necessary English language skills required for your internship.

Is there a time limit for the Internship?

To ensure you gain real-world experience and real benefits from the program we have a minimum period of six weeks, with a maximum period offered of 6 - 12 months depending on the program. Australian Internships will negotiate the duration of your internship to suit your request. 

What if I'm not a native English speaker?

You will need sufficient English to be able to perform your duties and work efficiently in the working environment. Evidence of English language level required is IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550. You will limit your learning and opportunities if you do not have sufficient English. Australian Internships advise applicants with limited English complete English Language Studies in Australia prior to the commencement of your internship.

Will I be paid for the Internship?

Candidates participating in the Professional Internship Program will not be paid for the internship - it is a voluntary non-paid training period. This is the norm in Australia. If you meet the requirements for a Stipend Internship Program it may be possible to arrange a monthly stipend payment. Candidates who are eligible for the Hospitality Internship Program will have internships arranged on a paid basis.

How much will the Internship cost?

Each program has different costs, which can also change depending on your visa and payment method. Please contact Australian Internships or your local representative for specific information on the internship program fees.

What does the Internship fee include?

The internship fee includes all expenses associated with the arrangement of the internship, supply of the necessary documents to gain visa approval for the internship, support and assistance with the visa application, regular counseling support services for the duration of your internship, monthly newsletters, regular events in selected locations and supply of the Internship Certificate of Completion and the Intern Performance Report from your Host Organisation.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is a non-refundable administration fee for the services provided by Australian Internships to process your application and commence work arranging your internship in the field of your choice.

Can I get credit with my University for the Internship in Australia?

Yes, many of our interns complete the practical requirement of their academic studies and gain credit for their internship completed in Australia.  Please advise Australian Internships if you wish to gain academic credit for the internship in Australia.

We ask that applicants seeking credit for academic studies supply all of the necessary documentation with their application. The team at Australian Internships will liaise with representatives from your university or college, if required, to ensure that all of the necessary academic documentation is completed and satisfactory.

Are there any special requirements needed to gain an Internship?

Yes, each program has slightly different requirements. These requirements are listed on this website in the Eligibility Criteria section for each program.

How long will it take to arrange my Internship?

Australian Internships advises that you allow a minimum of three to six months to make the necessary arrangements for the internship and visa processing. Lead times for the programs vary and are as follows: 

  • Professional Internship Program: 3-4 months lead time (2-3 months for WHV and working visa holders) 
  • Hospitality Internship Program: 6-8 months lead time (4-5 months for WHV and working visa holders)
  • Stipend Internship Program: 3-4 months lead time (3 months for WHV and working visa holders)
  • Aged Care Internship Program: 3-4 months lead time (2-3 months for WHV and working visa holders) 
  • Working Holiday Internship Program: 2-3 months lead time

(WHV = Working Holiday Visa / Work & Holiday Visa holders)

Can Australian Internships arrange insurance?

You must provide proof of accident, medical, travel and personal liability insurance prior to starting the internship. Yes, Australian Internships can arrange insurance if if your insurance is not adequate enough or does not include Personal Liability insurance. Liability Insurance is compulsory as this covers you in the workplace.

What if my Internship field in not listed here?

Please contact us with your request - we are happy to consider alternative fields! 

Can I travel in Australia before or after my Internship?

Yes, subject to the visa issued. You are generally provided with four weeks after your internship where you may travel in Australia; however please let us know if you have any special travel requests.

In what type of company will I be placed?

Australian Internships works with different type of organisations in all possible industries. Those companies can be small, medium or large, international or national. We work with public and private companies as well as government bodies.

For the Hospitality Internship Program, Australian Internships works with leading hotels, resorts and restaurant groups Australia wide.

Can I obtain an Internship on another Visa?

Yes, you can complete an internship on a Working Holiday Visa 417 or 462 if you are eligible. The internship duration must not exceed 6 months on a Working Holiday Visa. For more information about the Working Holiday Visa 417 and 462 please refer to these links:

417 - https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/417-
462 - https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/462-

You can also complete your internship on the following visas:

  • Student Visa (only during study breaks or after graduation)
  • Any visa with full work permissions

What are my options for doing an internship abroad?

Australian Internships has a sister company Australians Abroad and we offer a number of wonderful internship, language and volunteer programs in many countries – Contact us for additional information regarding the programs available or Click here for Australians Abroad

What is culture shock and can interns suffer from this?

For many interns a big change in the cultural environment can sometimes be overwhelming and a phenomenon known as Culture Shock may develop.  Culture Shock is a feeling of anxiety that comes from functioning in a entirely different surrounding. 

Australian Internships tries to limit this by providing support through constant communication with interns and providing regular social meetings.  We actively provide an environment where interns can compare their similarities and celebrate their differences.