What is an Internship?

 An “internship” is defined by the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) as:

“a carefully monitored work or volunteer experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience”

 Australian Internships would expand on that to say, an internship is the transition from study to work and is a necessary component in order to develop a student’s skills, making them more advanced and diligent when they finally have the opportunity to be a part of the working world.


 An Internship program is quite different to a job; all of our international interns are looking for “hands on” work experience in the real world aligned to their academic studies. The internship program is structured on the intern’s objectives and what they’d like to achieve out of the program.  An internship is the missing link between academic studies and work experience.  A professional internship program is unpaid as the main aim is for the intern to achieve their objectives.

Host Organisations

The Internship Program is unique as its principle focus is in identifying and matching the best possible professional internship placement for the applicant and Host Organisation. We are able to place candidates from many educational backgrounds into successful internships according to their skills and experience.

Changes in the international marketplace are rapidly transforming the business world into a global industry. We are constantly challenged with greater diversity in our work place.

At Australian Internships, we recognize the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that is well prepared for the changing global economy.

Our international interns have helped hundreds of Australian and global companies gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

If you have internship opportunities and are looking for enthusiastic young professionals, why not consider one of our international students? 

  • Our interns are committed to internationalising their careers and gaining valuable experience which is directly related to their studies and essential for success in today’s global market.
  • All of the interns are either current undergraduate, post-graduate students or recent graduates.
  • We take the time to ensure that each intern’s skill set and objectives are well matched with the Host Organisation.
  • All interns are self insured by personal liability; with copies of their insurance documents provided prior to commencement.
  • All terms and conditions for the internship and related training are defined in a contract and agreed to by both parties. No confusion or misunderstandings!
  • Many of our interns have been recognised for their achievements and receive financial sponsorship from either their universities or government bodies.
  • All interns are proficient in English with many speaking 2 or 3 languages fluently.


Fair Work Australia’s Guidelines for Unpaid Work Experience & Internships

When you participate in an internship through Australian Internships, you can be assured that we are fully compliant with Fair Work Australia guidelines. In addition,  we maintain regular communication with Fair Work Australia regarding quality internship options for international students and young professionals.

They have defined lawful unpaid work to include work trials, volunteer work, work experience and internships. It also includes a vocational placement as defined under the Fair Work Act 2009. Unpaid work is lawful if it is a genuine work experience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement. For more information, please visit www.fairwork.gov.au