Education Partners

Australian Internships (AI) was the first company in Australia to welcome and support students from over 45 countries. Education institutions, Government Agencies and numerous associations confidently select and recommend Australian Internships as their preferred Internship Program Provider. Partners include but are not limited to the following:

- German Government, Swiss Government, European Universities Internship Coordinators Association (SWING)

- International Universities from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and many more.

-The University of Queensland, University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching (CET), University of New South Wales (UNSW) Global, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Hawthorn – Melbourne University, IBT Education Group, Newcastle University, Swinburne University, TAFE Queensland Institutes, and The University of Western Australia.

Australian Internships has a comprehensive database of over 7,000 companies and Government Departments/agencies who host international interns. Each company is assessed on their suitability to meet with specific goals of the candidate and then provided with a personal counselling prior to hosting the intern. There is a dedicated team of Business Development Officers within AI who source the host companies, develop the training plans for interns and then closely monitor the progress of the internship. Evaluation and feedback are completed with each company and intern. The feedback is used to ensure our quality processes and systems are continually improved.

Australian Internships develops training agreements/training plans for each individual intern. The majority of international candidates are completing the program as an academic requirement of their existing tertiary studies. AI Training Plans have been approved by education partners in over forty five countries and supported by AI’s network of education partners.

These training agreements/plans define the responsibilities for the Intern, Host Organisation and the Program Provider (Australian Internships). These include details on the learning outcomes, research projects or tasks agreed to for the duration of the internship, assessment and timelines. We will be very happy to welcoming your students in Australia and offer them internships aligned with their studies. Contact our Marketing Team if you would like to know more about our programs and how AI can help your students to meet their academic requirements.