Commitment to Service

Australian Internships is committed to providing quality internships and services that are second to none.  We are determined to deliver the best to our clients, partners and education providers.

We achieve this through:

  • The allocation of an Internship Program Supervisor – A one on one contact providing support throughout the program.
  • Orientation sessions – An introduction to Australian workplace culture.
  • Monthly Newsletters – Every month an Intern Newsletter is sent out keeping interns up-to-date with local events with relevant program information.  An  Agent Newsletter is also distributed quarterly.
  • Emergency Support – Australian Internships provides a support line for emergencies that may arise outside of office hours.
  • Certificate of Participation – On completion of the internship all interns will receive feedback from the Host Organisation and a Certificate of Participation.

Here at Australian Internships we are proud of the service that we offer and we are committed to continually improving these services.


  • We adhere to the best practice procedures, e.g. we respond to client and partner emails within 24 hours.
  • We regularly participate in Networking Events organised by international education bodies and trade organisations in Australia and abroad to always be     informed about the latest industry developments.
  • Managing Director Diana Van Woerkom is a founder of the AIIA (Australian Internships Industry Association)

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange is the exchange of differing ideas, beliefs, rituals, customs and traditions between people with different backgrounds. Australian Internships aims to promote this exchange in order to foster mutual understanding and tolerance of other cultures throughout the internship programs.

Within our programs, international visitors can gain a better understanding of Australian labour procedures and way of life. It’s not only the interns that learn from this exchange but the surrounding community as well. Working or living alongside interns from other countries can provide a better appreciation for other cultures and can also challenge established perceptions.