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Australian Internships has built its reputation on developing and implementing innovative and creative internship programs and forging strong relationships with industry leaders and educational partners in Australia and overseas. Through the relationships created, Australian Internships can provide value to students, educational institutions and industry through international exposure in education, experience and cultural exchange.

Prior to entering any agreements Australian Internships require agencies to complete an application process which includes referees checks. Applying agents must provide the company profile and two referees from Australian education providers or Australian government agencies which endorse the company and the services. Australian Internships generally ask for Australian referees however referees from institutions in the US education sector, or world-recognized international education associations could also be considered. In anticipation that the application is approved and for it to be a mutually beneficial partnership, Australian Internships has the following expectations:

  • A full understanding of AI, our programs and processes
  • Ability to advise clients on AI programs and services to screened and selected candidates
  • Accurately and honestly promote our services and processes to clients
  • Act honestly and ethically in all aspects of marketing and recruitment
  • Ensure all documents are provided for complete applications and that all fees are paid in accordance with our terms and conditions
  • Maintain regular communication with our office and support us in the contact with clients

If you are interested in getting more information about being an Australian Internships representative please send your request via e-mail to . One of our Marketing Executives will contact you to follow up on your enquiry. Please just make sure your company has been officially established and is able to provide suitable referees before submitting your request.

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