Existing Agents

The Australian Internships team is always happy to provide our agents with support and assistance. As part of these marketing activities we offer our existing agents the following: 

  • Newsletters
  • Staff Training – If outside Australia we can coordinate via phone or internet. Please contact our Marketing Department if you are interested in receiving any further training.
  • Deliver of promotional material – Brochures or Flyers
  • Continuing support and advise before submitting candidate’s application

Note: Our Marketing Team is quite international; we have bilingual staff members who are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French. Please just let us know if you are interested in coordinating your Agent Training in any of the above languages.

You can download our Agent Manual and other useful documents via the Partner tab in the top menu. To request the log in details please contact: info@internships.com.au

The Australian Internships’ Agent Manual is a very comprehensive document containing all the information you need to know about client requirements, application procedures and visa options. It also includes samples of the application documents and the company policies. Make sure you and your team of counsellors is aware of this Manual, as this is a great source of information.