All participants completing an internship are required to have medical, accident, travel and personal liability (bodily injuries or damage to property up to AU$2 million)  insurance for the duration of their internship.

Prior to commencing your program you will be required to supply evidence of your insurance coverage – in English! Australian Internships works in conjunction with to arrange policies for candidates completing an internship with AI.

More info on Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability offers cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you. Having personal liability insurance will ensure that you are covered in the workplace. Australian Internships in conjunction with has developed an insurance policy with personal liability to the value of AU$2 million. 

For Example: If you accidentally damage a company computer throughout your internship, personal liability insurance will cover the costs associated with repairs or replacement of the damaged item. Interns working in fields such as engineering, medical research etc will be in regular contact with expensive machines and equipment with values that will far exceed the standard office computer. This is why our approved insurance policy will cover interns to the value of AU$2 million. Insurance Information:

- Schedule of Benefits

- Internship Insurance Details

Summary of Benefits


Benefit Type



Medical evacuation and repatriation



Medical and Dental Expenses



Accidental Death



Replacement Passport and Travel Documents



Trip cancellation, interruption and disruption



Luggage and Personal Effects



Personal Liability

$2 million

Liability plus Liability Plus -  Liability Insurance plus Excursion Emergency Healthcare – covers personal liability in Australian workplace plus covers for travel period outside of Australia  during internship.

The cost is AU$10/week).