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In any business it is an advantage to have people with different backgrounds and experiences in your team. The interns have fresh sets of eyes looking at our problems along with up-to-date skills. This gives us a definite advantage in problem solving. We have found that, because the interns had not been pre-programmed by another business model, they were able to give a truly unbiased view in how to approach problems.

In addition, the team at Australian Internships are very professional and the entire process was seamless from start to finish. Once our Interns had landed all we as a business needed to worry about was guiding them into the areas where they wanted to work.


Hosting international interns at the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) allows us to provide valuable on-the-job experience and training in an Australian setting. QTIC receives numerous benefits in return for hosting international interns, including the work and time they contribute to helping achieve our organisational goals as Queensland’s voice of tourism. Existing QTIC staff enjoys meeting, working with and mentoring the international students which has a flow-on benefit for a positive and inclusive workplace culture. The presence of international interns also allows QTIC staff to learn more about international cultures and languages from the interns who are all happy to share insights into their lives and communities “back home".

QTIC is a not-for-profit organisation and we appreciate the support that Australian Internships can provide in sourcing and supporting our international interns. Having another organisation assist us with this process saves us time and we know that the interns will be supported during their time with QTIC.

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In January 2015, Condamine Alliance accepted the placement of two Brazilian Interns for a period of six weeks through Australian Internships. 
The Interns meshed into the Condamine Alliance ethos and embraced every opportunity afforded them to participate in the body of review work, field trips, partner events and indeed social outings. Their contribution by way of reviewing an invaluable company project during the placement was of a high standard and provided invaluable information for Condamine Alliance to consider and utilise.

The cultural exchange benefited Condamine Alliance staff and partners equally as much as it did the Interns themselves.
Australian Internships were very professional, courteous and helpful in arranging and managing the placement of the Interns. The Internship Program Manager was extremely accommodating in every way ensuring that the best interest of both the Interns and Condamine Alliance was at the forefront, at all times."


As an English College, we have students from all around the world and we work every day to make sure they have an experience that they will never forget. One of the tasks we always focus on when having an International Intern in our Marketing Team is to create a strong relationship with our students and gather student success stories. The fact that our Interns are also international as our students makes the relationship between the Marketing Team & students stronger and helps increase student’s confidence. At the moment, Ryo Yamamoto from Japan is the Marketing and Communication Intern at Langports.
Langports always likes to provide our Interns the best possible experience. To achieve this, Australian Internships play an important role because they provide our Interns the necessary support to help them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Australian Internships’ professional help and support gives us the assurance that we will have great quality Interns.


Metro South Health is the major provider of public health services, and health education and research, in the Brisbane south side, Logan, Redlands and Scenic Rim regions.

Intern brings a bit of a change and challenge to the team.  Inspires them to transfer their knowledge and gives them satisfaction when the interns move on with a lot more knowledge and experience they have started.  We are keeping touch with our interns after they moved on and some even became a member of our team a few years later.

Australian Internships refers high quality candidates for internship and very approachable to assist in finding the best fit candidate to our organisation.  They are in contact along the way and make sure that both parties are achieving the most the internship can offer.   I also really enjoy that they are including the host organisations when our interns graduate so we have a much better appreciation of the interns’ journey to employment in Australia.


Debt Fix benefits from hosting international interns in three ways. Firstly, hosting interns is a great way to bring in talented students to contribute to the organisation's goals and mission. Secondly, interns provide additional support to increase our workforce. Lastly, interns bring with them skills and cultural diversity which are an important element to any dynamic and creative environment, infusing new ideas and methods into the workplace

Australian Internships have consistently met the needs of the business by providing interns when required. The quality of graduate has been terrific and the staff at Australian Internships maintain the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Their support has been instrumental in the success of our program and we look forward to a lasting, fruitful relationship