Food Safety  Training

The Food Safety Training is a non compulsory training for interns completing the hospitality internship program in the Food Production Department. This extra training is strongly recommended by Australian Internships as it would be a great asset to your profile. It is available through Australian Internships to all Food Production interns.

This program gives you the knowledge and skills about Workplace Hygiene Procedures. It is important for all interns working in licensed establishments in Australia to know their responsibilities and obligations for handling food.

The Food Safety Training course can be completed online. Online training gives you access to all reading and examination material at times suited to your needs. The program offers continual support from online mentors.

Course includes:

  • Prevent food contamination
  • Follow hygiene procedures
  • Be aware of individual and organisational responsibility
  • Be aware of organisational legal requirements
  • Identify hygiene hazards
  • Report risky personal health issues
  • Report any hygiene hazards or incidents of food contamination.

Benefits to you:

  • A cost effective training method
  • Online study – flexible and convenient study format
  • Provides up-to-date industry standards
  • The cost for the course is AUD $120