Company Profile

Australian Internships (AI), established in 1998 is a specialist organization committed to providing international students and professionals with training, work experience and cultural exchange in an international business environment.  Australian Internships achieves this through forming partnerships with leading Australian and international educational institutions, Government Departments and leaders in industry. International students and young professionals are presented with the opportunity to broaden their professional experience. Australian Internships is well recognised as the market leader in career development programs for international candidates.

Annually, AI arranges 1000 to 1200 internship programs for participants. The programs are customised to meet the student’s academic and professional needs. Australian Internships has a commitment to a high level of personal support and professional services for clients.  The management and staff of AI are industry specialists dedicated to the growth and promotion of international education for Australia. AI has offices in Brisbane (head office) and Sydney.

Renowned for tailoring internship programs and nurturing both student and company throughout the process, AI has extensive experience in the delivery of high quality programs.


Managing Director of Australian Internships, Diana van Woerkom, established the company in 1998 after recognising the need to provide responsive on-the-job training to meet international demand from universities and government agencies. Australian Internships increased international relationships and business opportunities through building mutually beneficial partnerships with international education institutions. This concept was quick to realise greater benefit, firstly providing international students with opportunities to internationalise their careers, secondly allowing Australian universities to offer a more value-added service to international students, and finally providing businesses with exposure to cultural learning opportunities.

Australian Internships was the first company in Australia to provide internship programs for participants and young professionals from over 90 countries. Company owner, Diana van Woerkom, was a founding member of the Australian Internships Industry Association (AIIA) of which she held the position of chair for several years. Australian Internships is also an active member of numerous global education and internship associations.

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