Muhammad - Engineering Management (Pakistan)

"Completing an internship helps you to visualize your career path and it is also the best way to explore various career options. It helps you to build a good network, make new connections and improve the communication in a professional environment. 

Australian internship played a significant role throughout this internship. My Supervisor helped me a lot with my resume and interview preparation. In addition, keeping an eye on my progress on a weekly basis was a wonderful thing, which motivated me to complete my tasks in an efficient way and pushed me to look forward to another challenge."

Jean - Telecommunications Engineering (Brazil - Science Without Borders)

"Experience is an important term when someone apply for a job, therefore, the first job (or the first good job) would be for most people the hardest to be obtained. International experience has a great value in a resume, not just to demonstrate fluency in another language, but also to bring a distinct background in terms of professional procedures and knowledge. 

I was aware that finding an internship in a foreigner country it is harder than in home country not just because of the cultural differences, but also in terms of professional requirements. Australian Internships did catalyse this process, making the internship an important moment in my career. 

I have a scholarship from the Brazilian Government to stay from 9 months to one year in Sydney. I did two semesters in UTS and I applied to extend my scholarship to stay exactly 12 months. Knowing these conditions beforehand, I was looking forward to seeing how is the professional environment in Australia and practice my English skills without compromise my studies in UTS.

I received two options, look the internship by myself or choose Australian Internships to look for me. I trusted in Australian Internships and I am happy with they did."

Carolina - Environmental Engineering (Brazil)

"Coming to Australia was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. It is inexplicable the quality of life and safety that we have here. Of course that there are some cultural shock, but our culture is really similar with their culture and there are many things that we want to ‘copy and paste’ on our country. Talking about the internship, it was one of the best opportunities that I have already had. An amazing opportunity to learn what I want for me in the future and what I really don’t want. It is a really good experience to decide if you are in the ‘right way’ and what is the best thing to do with our career. It is really different when you compare your life while you were studying on the University and while you were doing your internship. So, you need to know that your life will change a little bit but there are a lot of knowledge that you need to learn and bring for your whole life. You need to have optimistic attitude. This will make your internship pretty easier and happy. Finally, I don’t know how people can be prepared to do this, for me, you just need to want and try to do your best, and then everything will be fine."

Alice - Environmental Engineering (Brazil)

"I’m very happy with this internship. It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about my future career and even more important than this was that I learned more about Australian companies and different things about Environmental Engineering that I can take with me to my country. And with this, I can improve my future work in Brazil.

At first I was very afraid about the internship. I thought that I was not able to do that. But at my first day here, I felt very comfortable with the company. Everybody was very friendly and after that I was feeling very well and could do all the tasks that were given to me. So, the advice that I give to future interns is: even if you are afraid or if you think that you will not able to do an internship, you just have to be patient and calm, because there are a lot of different things about our culture and Australian’s, but everybody is very friendly, so you just have to be open to new opportunities."

Avner Vieira - Forestry Engineering (Brazil)

Forestry Engineering Intern

"Australia has some of the best Universities and studies going on my field of interest. Moreover it is a great country to live and develop my English skills. The weather also is a great feature since it is similar to my home country's one.

The internship will definitely be an important experience on my study/career life, also contributed for my personal growing as I learned to deal with different people from different places in the world. 

The support I received from my Internship Supervisor was really good, she was always in touch through emails and phone calls trying to help me and see how things were going."

Mohamed - Chemical Engineering (Tanzania)

Mohamed Said.jpg

"Any industrial experience is valuable for career development, but international industrial experience is becoming more of a necessity to be noticed in any field. My supervisor and co-workers have been very supportive and made me feel part of the team. Not only was I involved in projects for improving control of noise and air pollution, but also independently worked in design, proposal and implementation of water treatment bio remediation project. I can confidently say this experience has been the most enriching, empowering and perfect start of my professional career."