Carolina - Environmental Engineering (Brazil)

"Coming to Australia was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. It is inexplicable the quality of life and safety that we have here. Of course that there are some cultural shock, but our culture is really similar with their culture and there are many things that we want to ‘copy and paste’ on our country. Talking about the internship, it was one of the best opportunities that I have already had. An amazing opportunity to learn what I want for me in the future and what I really don’t want. It is a really good experience to decide if you are in the ‘right way’ and what is the best thing to do with our career. It is really different when you compare your life while you were studying on the University and while you were doing your internship. So, you need to know that your life will change a little bit but there are a lot of knowledge that you need to learn and bring for your whole life. You need to have optimistic attitude. This will make your internship pretty easier and happy. Finally, I don’t know how people can be prepared to do this, for me, you just need to want and try to do your best, and then everything will be fine."

Published on by AI.