Jean - Telecommunications Engineering (Brazil - Science Without Borders)

"Experience is an important term when someone apply for a job, therefore, the first job (or the first good job) would be for most people the hardest to be obtained. International experience has a great value in a resume, not just to demonstrate fluency in another language, but also to bring a distinct background in terms of professional procedures and knowledge. 

I was aware that finding an internship in a foreigner country it is harder than in home country not just because of the cultural differences, but also in terms of professional requirements. Australian Internships did catalyse this process, making the internship an important moment in my career. 

I have a scholarship from the Brazilian Government to stay from 9 months to one year in Sydney. I did two semesters in UTS and I applied to extend my scholarship to stay exactly 12 months. Knowing these conditions beforehand, I was looking forward to seeing how is the professional environment in Australia and practice my English skills without compromise my studies in UTS.

I received two options, look the internship by myself or choose Australian Internships to look for me. I trusted in Australian Internships and I am happy with they did."

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