Cesar Augusto

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"I'm Cesar, a 27-year-old Brazilian engineer born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I graduated in Production Engineering at UFABC. During the university period, I lived in Sydney for a year in 2014 with the Science Without Borders scholarship program, and I can certainly say it was the best period of my life. I had all sorts of experiences, from academic and professional to social and cultural. I had the opportunity to travel to many places in Australia, and also visit other countries. Making new friends was also one of the things that I value the most during my life in Sydney, and the internship at Komatsu was an absolute plus in my career.

I decided to seek for internships opportunities before the classes ended. I did it right after the beginning of the second semester. That enabled me to intern at Komatsu Australia for six months, in the Design Engineering department.

I have to admit, at first, I struggled to get used to the Australian organisational culture, but with the help of other workmates and proactivity I started to be more participative, felt more useful to the company and gained more respect from others. 
While I felt that the internship did not provide me much technical development and learning; today, being a more mature professional I can surely say that the period at Komatsu allowed me to understand several important factors regarding Australian organisational culture, such as the behaviour, posture, the factors they value and the difference between the work process in Australia compared to my country.

My advice is to be the first and be proactive. It is common to see people from overseas shy when it comes to seeking information and trying to find a job opportunity. Aussies are very opened and solicitous for people that need help, and Australian Internships provided me all the support I needed during the period I was there. 
Do not act reactively and wait for things to fall on your lap. Time in Australia goes by very fast, and by the time you wake up, you'll realise you've missed enormous opportunities if you don't make the most of every hour spent there."

Cesar August Tse, Brazilian, Engineer

Published on by Daniele L.