Surendra Bhandari

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"My Name is Surendra Bhandari. I am from Nepal. I have completed a Bachelor degree in Hotel Management from my home country.
Same as all other graduates, I was searching for opportunities to start my career in the field of Culinary in the hospitality industry. So I thought of doing the internship in Australia, because of its multi cuisine practices. The international environment helps us to gain the knowledge of multi cuisine and different technology used and also helps us to deals with different other challenges. So I chose Australia for my internship.
Australia changed my life completely, it changed my way of thinking making me smarter and more knowledgeable. After I finished my internship I got a new job within a couple of weeks and then got a work sponsorship. Now I am living my dream life with my dream job. I am still learning but this makes me happy from inside the heart. This all happened because of the Australian Internships team.
For all of those who are currently planning to do an internship, I would like to advise to utilize your time as much as you can during the internship since it is a career breakthrough. Performance during the internship will decide where you're going to be in the future after the internship. Every day we should try to push ourselves to achieve more. Do not be afraid of failure!

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Published on by Daniele L.