Mario Filho

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"My name is Mario, I am from Salvador, Brazil.
I completed my bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering in Brazil and felt like I had no space in Brazil to get better jobs and continue my professional development. I was a Logistics manager and a greater experience was required in order for me to keep growing. Furthermore, I always wanted to live abroad in order to improve my English as a second language, gain international experience and I felt it was the time to do it. After some conversations with agencies in Brazil I decided to come to Australia and do an Internship in Logistics. I had recently finished an MBA and was eligible to apply for the program. I decided to stay in Australia for longer and the company where I did my internship offered me one casual part time position, I agreed and it has been a good first step in establishing my career in Australia. There is no doubt the internship was amazing for improving my skills. This experience has been invaluable, not only for my professional development, but also for my personal development.
I believe that the Internship program is a great opportunity to start your career or improve your skills regardless of the field. Also you are in the beginning of your career, so why not make a great start to it? You never know what will happen tomorrow, if you do something good today, your efforts will be recognized and remembered in the future. It would look great on your resume to have a good reference from Australia. This experience will prepare you for future jobs and opportunities.

Mario Filho, Brazilian, Logistics

Published on by Daniele L.