Learn about Body Language


Ever heard the sentence, “actions speak louder than words”? Body language can be read from all the way across the room when you did not even know someone was looking. The only nonverbal behaviours that are universal throughout the world are facial expressions — the expressions of anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise and fear, are basic to all humans (The Huffington Post).

Reading body language is associated with your EQ (emotional intelligence), and it can take some practice. This knowledge, which is acquired throughout one’s life, is not apparent until it hits us in the face and affects us, so be conscious of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Especially in professional settings, you should be sitting straight up and actively demonstrating that you are paying attention. For the most part, body language is unconscious, so sitting up straight and showing readiness will likely be something you have to remind yourself frequently to do.

Again, body language is unconscious, but practice being aware of it. If someone in your workplace says something that you don’t like, do not show a disgusted or annoyed face. Consider changing your face to convey curiosity, and they will naturally try to answer your curiosity with an explanation. You may still disagree, but who knows – maybe you will understand their point of view and change your mind.

The beauty of nonverbal communication is that it spreads, for the most part, across cultures. You can easily communicate with someone who speaks an entirely different language. As you encounter new people throughout life, take note of some of the nonverbal communications you witness, and discover a whole world of language that formerly escaped your consciousness.

Published on by Daniele L.