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You love climbing, too!? No way!” Oh, how I love those little magic moments when you find common interests with people around you. It is very exciting when it happens and it always makes my day. Finding common hobbies and interests can also be a start of a new friendship or relationship, in this case also a professional relationship. You may not realize this now but learning the art of networking starts by knowing how to build strong relationship within your own company and with the people working around you.

It is not always easy and for some people networking skills come more natural than to others. However, not to worry, here at Australian Internship we have you covered - once again! Whatever your personality is, these tips will slowly help you enhance those hidden skills and allow you to succeed in your internship:

Tip #1 - Don’t miss the networking events

Whether it’s an event organized by Australian Internships or others, going to them in person and putting yourself out there, is the best way to network abroad. It will help connect with people, learn about your industry and it will put your name and face out there. Take their business card and give them yours- if you don’t have one, I recommend you to put one together – and tell them about your future goals. Don’t forget to listen and pay attention to what they have done in the past. You never know what a simple networking happy hour can lead to.

Tip #2 - Connect with people on LinkedIn and get organized 

Maybe this is not for everyone, but it might help you get organized. For example, make an excel spreadsheet with a contact list of your current network. For example, former colleagues, supervisors, people you have come across when volunteering or doing extracurricular activities. The idea is to have in one place all their contact information such as name, phone number, email and your point of connection. This will help have a clear picture of the key people you should be connecting with. Once you have met them in person, you should add them in your LinkedIn. This is a good way to connect and keep in touch with people who have similar professional interests. Also, of course, don’t forget to go that extra mile, which means, consistent follow-up communication. This can be a simple happy birthday or a congratulations message for the new job or anniversary etc. This will help you stay in their minds for any future opportunities.

Tip #3 - Make your time count 

Your internship is going to be one of the greatest experiences you will ever have so make it worth it. Never stop connecting with other people, mingle inside and outside of your professional field. I can assure you, there are so many people out there that are in the same situation and are more than happy to share some words of wisdom with you. The more you network, the more confident you will become and more fun you will have.

Some of these tips might sound a bit obvious as we do them in our daily life. Although it’s worth keeping them in mind to make an effort and make your time abroad more rewarding and worthwhile for you personally and for your career.

Written by Daniela Ruiz


Daniela is passionate about travel and that is why she is currently doing a Master in International Sustainable Tourism Management in Melbourne. Daniela has been part of AI as Student Ambassador and Contributor to our Blog.

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