Kornkanov - Marketing (Thailand)

"I chose to do my internship in Australia because I wanted to experience a different culture and work with people in a different country. My host company is a distribution company for baby products which is really different and interesting to learn about. I love everything in my internship! The people are really nice, and I am learning a lot of new skills like how to use excel, how to manage orders and the website and different things about product marketing.

Australian Internships have been really nice. My supervisor gives me really good advice and is always helpful when I need to ask her something. They care about me like I'm in their family! With them an my team at the host company I feel like even though I am far from home, I don't feel down or alone.

The advice I would give to future interns is to learn from other people. Australia is very multicultural ad it is amazing that you can learn about other cultures and people in one country! I work with Australian, Indian, French and Chinese people on my team and I love it, it is very interesting."

YUI ISHIDA - Marketing (japan)

"In this internship program I learned basic digital marketing such as writing blogs, creating landing pages and SEO. You can learn how to be a better person. How to be positive and easy-going all the time, which is good especially when you get stressed with work.

My advice for future interns is: prepare to learn a lot! Take action from what you learn. Do everything you can. Don't hesitate to ask."

Vincenzo - Marketing (Italy)

"My internship has given me the opportunity to travel and build my professional experience and network at the same time. I think I made the right choice working for one of the international leaders in the hospitality industry."


"I completed an internship at an English College for three months in Brisbane.
The main purpose of choosing this program was improving my resume. In Korea, finding a job is extremely hard and usually uni students can find a job according to their major. However, I want to work in the marketing field which is not my major. To be hired in the marketing field, I thought I would need working experience. That is why I chose this program.

For future interns who want to intern in Australia, I want to say do not be afraid of asking something you don’t know, and check if you understand. Your co-workers understand your mistakes and they are generous, asking and checking is the most important thing to reduce your mistakes."


Linda - Marketing (China)

"Doing an internship in Australia was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience definitely went over and beyond my expectations. Not only it has built up my resume, but also gave me the real life experience. I am getting better understanding of international workplace, while practicing my knowledge learnt from school and skills such as time management, organization, problem solving and multi-tasking. My favourite aspect is having the mentorship and supporting system from both my host organization and Australian Internships. The internship has pulled me out of my comfort zone and widens my eyes for this global world."

Hazel - Marketing (Singapore)

"My name is Hazel Theng and I am from Singapore. 

I've always wanted not only to learn, but live the culture of the different countries I visited and this internship program has allowed me to do just that in Australia. I'm currently having a 3 month summer holiday, and this internship program has allowed me to use this 3 months fruitfully not only to gain valuable working experience, but also to experience a whole different culture outside my home country. 

I am currently doing a Marketing Internship in a company that specializes in organic skincare products. My role in the company includes coordinating media and promotional activities managing all of the company's social media accounts, initiating contacts and introducing our products to countries in the Asia region. In the period of my Internship, I've been given the opportunity to be entirely in charge of two promotional projects as well as to liaise with international clients. The internship allowed me to use what I've learnt academically to apply it in real life situations. It has helped me gain invaluable international business experience, as well as to understand Australia’s culture and its different approach to the business of marketing."

Alice - Marketing (China)

"My Host Organisation is a multi-cultural Australian –based company, and I am the only Chinese staff member.  I have experienced many cultural differences which are making me more open-minded.  The internship has made me realise what a real work environment is like. My supervisor and manager have supported me a lot as well as other colleagues in the company.  They have encouraged me to take initiative and provided me with professional training when needed.  During the internship, I have implemented my ideas and contributed to the company which is the best experience so far."

Chiara - Marketing (Italy)

Intern at her desk during internship program

Intern at her desk during internship program

"I chose to do an internships in Australia because I really wanted to give myself a challenge and get work experience abroad.
I’m happy with my internship. I love the relaxed atmosphere in the office, everybody is very nice and friendly. I can learn more about marketing and see how things work in the other side of the world.
My advice to future Interns would be to learn as much as possible, be curious, travel, meet people and don't forget to have a lot of fun! I would recommend Australian Internships, thanks for giving me this opportunity."