Tamires - Business Administration (Brazil)

"I'm sure that this experience will be great for my future, because I have grown in every way. I really can see the difference in my thoughts and this is amazing! For sure I'll go back home with a big baggage of experience! When I started with my host organisation, I thought it would be really difficult but now I know it’s possible to do so many things I never thought I could do.  I’m giving my full potential here and I feel amazing when I receive good feedback from my co-workers, which is really gratifying. This experience has already impacted my life and I’m really happy for that. I can say I’m a new person. 

The highlight of this is experience is seeing how the things work in a different country. I have some work experience in Brazil and when you put all things together, it is amazing. The basic foundation  of Finance and Accounting are the same, but the learning process is different, the policies foe each country are different and for sure this is the highlight."

Onanan - Human Resources (Thailand)

"My name is Onanan Sanguantrakul from Thailand and I completed an internship in Human Resources in Sydney. I wanted to get a new internship experience and doing it in Australia was a big change for me in my life because it made me learn how to work with the inter-organization and work with people from different countries. This experience will improve my working skills and it will be great for my future because I can use my skills to develop myself for my future career. Internships are very important because doing an internship can make you get the new experience on your CV and it makes you more special than other people. I'm so happy that I choose to do my internship in Australia with Australia internships, the supervisors are really kind and I love the way they took care of me throughout my internship program."

Linda - Marketing (China)

"Doing an internship in Australia was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience definitely went over and beyond my expectations. Not only it has built up my resume, but also gave me the real life experience. I am getting better understanding of international workplace, while practicing my knowledge learnt from school and skills such as time management, organization, problem solving and multi-tasking. My favourite aspect is having the mentorship and supporting system from both my host organization and Australian Internships. The internship has pulled me out of my comfort zone and widens my eyes for this global world."

Hazel - Marketing (Singapore)

"My name is Hazel Theng and I am from Singapore. 

I've always wanted not only to learn, but live the culture of the different countries I visited and this internship program has allowed me to do just that in Australia. I'm currently having a 3 month summer holiday, and this internship program has allowed me to use this 3 months fruitfully not only to gain valuable working experience, but also to experience a whole different culture outside my home country. 

I am currently doing a Marketing Internship in a company that specializes in organic skincare products. My role in the company includes coordinating media and promotional activities managing all of the company's social media accounts, initiating contacts and introducing our products to countries in the Asia region. In the period of my Internship, I've been given the opportunity to be entirely in charge of two promotional projects as well as to liaise with international clients. The internship allowed me to use what I've learnt academically to apply it in real life situations. It has helped me gain invaluable international business experience, as well as to understand Australia’s culture and its different approach to the business of marketing."

Alice - Marketing (China)

"My Host Organisation is a multi-cultural Australian –based company, and I am the only Chinese staff member.  I have experienced many cultural differences which are making me more open-minded.  The internship has made me realise what a real work environment is like. My supervisor and manager have supported me a lot as well as other colleagues in the company.  They have encouraged me to take initiative and provided me with professional training when needed.  During the internship, I have implemented my ideas and contributed to the company which is the best experience so far."

Shelly - ICT & Marketing (Taiwan)


"I found I am capable to participate in the program in the beginning of Term 3, first year, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to extend my learning and working experiences in Australia. My English improved a lot during the time working with local people. I had IELTS 6.5 before the internship, and now I got 7.

Thanks to AI, I could work with this company in Brisbane which is an excellent place for working. Everyone here are nice and friendly, and they are willing to help me with anything. And I got a paid job because of the internship program.

My advice for future interns i: do your best during the internship, perhaps you'll get a formal job because you have a good working attitude."

Natasha - Business Admin (Australia)


"For the past 10 months I have been studying a Diploma in Business Administration, this was the first step I took towards my goal of getting a career in Real Estate. Since then, I have been actively researching any Real Estate positions going in the area, I have researched the industry, the requirements I need and made contact with all local Agencies, to get my name out there. Recently I completed my Agents Representative Certificate, which put me one step closer to my goal. When I was offered the opportunity to undertake an Internship, I thought it would be a great chance for me to get my foot in the door to Real Estate. Living in a small town does make it a little difficult to gain opportunities like this, so I grabbed it! I am now in the middle of my third week of my 4 week Internship Program and I am loving it!

The Australian Internships Program gave me the benefit of being able to make my dream a reality. By arranging this 4 week program it really gave me a great boost towards my goal. The AI keeps regular contact with myself and my host to ensure that everything is going well."

Melanie - Business (Austria)

"My name is Melanie and I am from Austria. My target was to make this summer vacation something special and I am proud to tell you: it was the greatest summer I have ever had. I was offered an internship with this company in their head office in Sydney. They have 8 stores around Australia. Although the office is really small, this did not mean that there was not enough work. One of my tasks entailed processing online orders including sending products to customers.  I was allowed to improve my skills with communicating by phone with the stores and ensuring prompt pickup and delivery, further to these tasks I was expected to arrange a variety of quotes for necessary services which ensured all stores operated successfully.  I really enjoyed the time at the company, and found on busy days we still had time to interact and have a joke which made my working day much fun. In the end I want to thank Caroline for her patience and the great time together, I always felt welcome and that made my internship even more perfect."

Jose Luis - Business / Tourism (Mexico)

Business Intern in Brisbane

Business Intern in Brisbane

"I chose to complete an internship because work experience is always valuable, also, it is an excellent complement for the undergraduate degree once you finish university. The industry requires proficient professionals to overtake the current challenges and contribute proactively to the organisations goals. 

The main think I've learned during my internship is about project management, try to follow deadlines and align efforts to collaborate within a team to get the projects over the line. In addition, I have acquired industry knowledge in Queensland, since I have been involved in a number of projects aim to develop capability and skills for the tourism and hospitality industry.  The company has been such a wonderful host organisations providing me with a valuable exposure to industry events and networking, as well as work meeting with stakeholders and the government. 

My advice for future interns is: Never doubt about taking an internship program, hands on experience is always valuable for the career pathway you want, this kind of opportunities always add value to your life, since you can make really good connections, you can meet nice people, moreover you can growth professionally."

Chiara - Marketing (Italy)

Intern at her desk during internship program

Intern at her desk during internship program

"I chose to do an internships in Australia because I really wanted to give myself a challenge and get work experience abroad.
I’m happy with my internship. I love the relaxed atmosphere in the office, everybody is very nice and friendly. I can learn more about marketing and see how things work in the other side of the world.
My advice to future Interns would be to learn as much as possible, be curious, travel, meet people and don't forget to have a lot of fun! I would recommend Australian Internships, thanks for giving me this opportunity."

Elena Sofia - HR (Italy)

HR Intern at the Darling Harbour - Sydney

HR Intern at the Darling Harbour - Sydney

"I work for the biggest entertainment group in Sydney and this makes me very proud. I am extremely happy with my internship as my colleagues make me feel part of the team every day and they give me lots of responsibilities. I feel that what I do every day helps the company and my department and this makes me very proud. I like keeping busy and this is what I like about the internship, there’s always something to do and I am learning a lot about HR and recruitment. Totally worth it!
I would like to thank AI and my Internship Supervisor for their support and for being so helpful throughout the whole process. I really enjoyed the experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone!"