Hazel - Marketing (Singapore)

"My name is Hazel Theng and I am from Singapore. 

I've always wanted not only to learn, but live the culture of the different countries I visited and this internship program has allowed me to do just that in Australia. I'm currently having a 3 month summer holiday, and this internship program has allowed me to use this 3 months fruitfully not only to gain valuable working experience, but also to experience a whole different culture outside my home country. 

I am currently doing a Marketing Internship in a company that specializes in organic skincare products. My role in the company includes coordinating media and promotional activities managing all of the company's social media accounts, initiating contacts and introducing our products to countries in the Asia region. In the period of my Internship, I've been given the opportunity to be entirely in charge of two promotional projects as well as to liaise with international clients. The internship allowed me to use what I've learnt academically to apply it in real life situations. It has helped me gain invaluable international business experience, as well as to understand Australia’s culture and its different approach to the business of marketing."

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