Kornkanov - Marketing (Thailand)

"I chose to do my internship in Australia because I wanted to experience a different culture and work with people in a different country. My host company is a distribution company for baby products which is really different and interesting to learn about. I love everything in my internship! The people are really nice, and I am learning a lot of new skills like how to use excel, how to manage orders and the website and different things about product marketing.

Australian Internships have been really nice. My supervisor gives me really good advice and is always helpful when I need to ask her something. They care about me like I'm in their family! With them an my team at the host company I feel like even though I am far from home, I don't feel down or alone.

The advice I would give to future interns is to learn from other people. Australia is very multicultural ad it is amazing that you can learn about other cultures and people in one country! I work with Australian, Indian, French and Chinese people on my team and I love it, it is very interesting."

Published on by AI.