Marian - Marketing - (Mexico)

1) why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?

I studied in Melbourne a while ago and I completely fell in love with Australia. I wanted to come back to work on my professional growth this time and an internship seemed like the perfect way to do so.

2) what made this experience unique and special?

The fact that my supervisor is always finding the time to make sure I am learning and progressing. 

3) how has this experience impacted your future?

I feel more comfortable in the work environment and I've learned how to apply what I studied in the real world. 

4) what was the highlight of your experience?

Working at the first Inside Retail Live - Festival of Retail Ideas. It was amazing being part of an event, first of its kind, with such impact in the retail industry. I got to work behind the scenes and network with incredible industry leaders throughout the 3 day event. 

5) what advice would you offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?

I would very much recommend this opportunity not only for the professional growth part of it but also living abroad helps you become more independent and open to get out of your comfort zone.

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