Megan Mackenzie - Public Relations (USA)

PIP - Public Relations - Mackenzie Megan KISTLER (C43060) - USA - 1.JPG

"My adventure in Australia was one that I will always remember. My internship placement could not have been better as I was placed in the middle of the Circular Quay in between the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. I did this program because of the real world experience it would give me, and it did, but it also brought me some of my best friends in Sydney who made me feel so much more at home. Some of my favorite things I did down under were snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, doing a caravan roadtrip down the East Coast, spending 4 days in Melbourne, and going surfing at Bondi Beach. None of these memories would be what they were without the people I met in Australia. Australians are truely one of a kind and I am so glad they let me explore their home! If you are wondering whether or not this program is for you, take a risk and go for it. Cheers mate!

Published on by Daniele L.