Kondwani - Agribusiness (Malawi)

Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?

The motivation behind my application for industry placement was to experience the working environment in Australia and get the practical knowledge so that I can easily articulate the theoretical part during my study period.

What made this experience unique and special?

Working a new environment with highly motivated and dedicated people was something that will inspire me beyond the Internship. The other important aspect of the internship was the challenging tasks assigned and the support given during the entire period of the internship.

How has this experience impacted your future?

The experience from the internship will improve my spirit of how I view work in terms of being professional. Considering that I was working in value addition and processing, I believe the experience that I have taken out of this will be very valuable going back home where we are still struggling with issues of quality management in value addition and processing among smallholder farmers

What was the highlight of your experience?

The high-level analysis of issues and people skills is something that I can take from this internship. The ability to complete assigned tasks and suggest solutions for improvement was one of the most satisfying moments during the internship.

What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?

For someone considering doing internship in Australia, the best thing go about it is to set your objectives on what you want to achieve at the end of the internship, and then do a research for a host organization that can help you achieve the set objectives. At work place make sure you engage and be willing to learn.

Aleksander - Dentistry (Ukraine)

"I'm having the time of my life here! My internship place is great! It is one of the biggest dental hospitals in Australia. Everyone is keen to chat with me, giving advice for my future career and even inviting me to observe clinical sessions. I want to give credit to Australian Internships for finding this place."

Asahi - Nutrition (Japan)

PIP - Nutrition -  Asahi YAMAUCHI (C17986) - Japan - 2014.jpg

"I have qualification of dietitian, so I wanted to experience something about nutrition and to improve my English skills. I had the opportunity to observe, talk and ask to residents and patients what is their nutritional problems, what they need. The tasks also helped me to develop my professional skills such as writing patient’s reports and making hand out and acquired lots of specific English words related to nutrition at the same time. This experience will absolutely help me, there were some differences between Japan and Australia but I was able to get many ideas of working, and I also got confidence."


Eunice - Pharmacy (Portugal)

"It was a great opportunity to be able to have work experience across multiple areas...My supervisor was very helpful in teaching me a lot about how the pharmacy management and merchandise team works in a company as well as telling me how is pharmacy like in Australia, including the system, the regulations, the legislation, the chief body, etc. I was then allocated to one of the biggest branched pharmacy store in Queensland where I shadowed and observed the work of a group of pharmacists and staff, gained some hands-on experience in dispensing and interacted with customers at the till."

Leanne - Dentistry (Australia)

“I gained further knowledge in medical terminology especially regarding bone signatures and dental morphology. I have achieved my goals in gaining professional experience and also made lasting friendships with academic students and colleagues. The internship  has given me practical professional experience within a workplace environment related to my educational field of biomedical science.”

Larissa - Biotechnology (Brazil - Science Without Borders)

SWB - Biotechnology Engineering - Larissa TRAINA (C29701) - 2016 - 2.JPG

"My name is Larissa, and I am a Biotechnology Engineering student from Brazil. I came to Australia as part of a Brazilian scholarship program, Science Without Borders, to study two semesters at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and then complete two months of internship in an Australian company. I also came to experience the Australian lifestyle and explore this beautiful country, which has incredible places to discover.

The Science Without Borders program provided me an opportunity to join the Australian Internships program. They choose Australian Internships due to the previous successful experience with this partnership.
In my experience, the Australian Internship program was amazing. All members are very kind and caring about the interns. I felt very confident and prepared for my interview after the mocking interview I made! Also, they worked hard on getting me an internship related to the area of my interest. The program exceeds my expectations, and I’ve learned a lot and developed a range of skills.

During my semesters at UTS, I cursed subjects related to diverse areas to expand my knowledge and develop new competencies and abilities. Among them, could learn about nanotechnology, a field that university in Brazil did not offer. With this background, I could start an internship in Brisbane."

Emily - Medical Research (USA - Drexel University)

"Hi there!  My name is Emily and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.  I'm all about exploring and finding things you weren't looking for!  I am so incredibly excited to have had the opportunity to come to Australia!  Not only am I learning heaps from my internship, but I am able to experience something new and wonderful each day.  Every time I walk out the door, I have a first time experience, and I cannot express how lucky I feel to be in this position.

Although I am not planning on pursuing research as a career, the scientific process and troubleshooting that is practiced within the laboratory will provide me with a foundation in medicine while I pursue a career as a medical doctor.  Working in research is extremely complex, yet so rewarding.  Everyday I go to work, I am running trials and looking at results of things that NO ONE has ever seen before.  Each day is completely different.  I have had much success with my project pertaining to scabies disease thus far, and it is truly incredible to say that I have pioneered my way to some of the newest results pertaining to the disease. In the future, I plan on becoming a medical doctor, hopefully practicing anesthesia.

Though acquiring a new internship position can be quite intimidating, take each day like a challenge.  Try and learn or accomplish something new each time you go into your work space, and attempt to find a larger purpose that relates to you personally with everything you do."

Jamie - Psychology (USA)

"I had always wanted to travel to Australia, but I also thought it would be a perfect place to do an internship abroad because the culture shock is minimal - the differences between it and the U.S. are slight so it was easy to adjust. And the fact that the language is English was helpful.

The internship boosted my confidence and gave me reassurance that I am in the correct field. It taught me how to adjust to unfamiliar environments, and increased my communication skills. Traveling to a country alone can be daunting but I learned that just asking for help and talking to the people you're working with can make a huge difference.

My program also did some excursions - such as Blue Mountains and Port Stephens whale watching and those were amazing as well. It was great to be able to enjoy my work experience and enjoy my time being a tourist in an awesome new city!"

Irantzu - Biology (Spain)

Biology Intern

"I decided to come to Australia right after finishing my degree in Biology in the Basque Country. The main reason to do that internship was that I wanted to get some experience in the professional scientific world before trying to find a job. Another reason was that I wanted to find out what could be my future job. I also saw it as a great opportunity to improve my English level.

The internship is being very useful because I am learning lots of things, such us using the Scanning Electron Microscope, how to photograph specimens, IUCN Red list, some lab work and much more. 

I totally recommend anyone to do an internship and preparing it with Australian Internships. They work very well and they plan everything in advance with enough time.

Even so, there is always time to travel around and explore this beautiful country, get to know its kind people and know the Aussie relax and calm way of living."