Larissa - Biotechnology (Brazil - Science Without Borders)

SWB - Biotechnology Engineering - Larissa TRAINA (C29701) - 2016 - 2.JPG

"My name is Larissa, and I am a Biotechnology Engineering student from Brazil. I came to Australia as part of a Brazilian scholarship program, Science Without Borders, to study two semesters at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and then complete two months of internship in an Australian company. I also came to experience the Australian lifestyle and explore this beautiful country, which has incredible places to discover.

The Science Without Borders program provided me an opportunity to join the Australian Internships program. They choose Australian Internships due to the previous successful experience with this partnership.
In my experience, the Australian Internship program was amazing. All members are very kind and caring about the interns. I felt very confident and prepared for my interview after the mocking interview I made! Also, they worked hard on getting me an internship related to the area of my interest. The program exceeds my expectations, and I’ve learned a lot and developed a range of skills.

During my semesters at UTS, I cursed subjects related to diverse areas to expand my knowledge and develop new competencies and abilities. Among them, could learn about nanotechnology, a field that university in Brazil did not offer. With this background, I could start an internship in Brisbane."

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