Emily - Medical Research (USA - Drexel University)

"Hi there!  My name is Emily and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.  I'm all about exploring and finding things you weren't looking for!  I am so incredibly excited to have had the opportunity to come to Australia!  Not only am I learning heaps from my internship, but I am able to experience something new and wonderful each day.  Every time I walk out the door, I have a first time experience, and I cannot express how lucky I feel to be in this position.

Although I am not planning on pursuing research as a career, the scientific process and troubleshooting that is practiced within the laboratory will provide me with a foundation in medicine while I pursue a career as a medical doctor.  Working in research is extremely complex, yet so rewarding.  Everyday I go to work, I am running trials and looking at results of things that NO ONE has ever seen before.  Each day is completely different.  I have had much success with my project pertaining to scabies disease thus far, and it is truly incredible to say that I have pioneered my way to some of the newest results pertaining to the disease. In the future, I plan on becoming a medical doctor, hopefully practicing anesthesia.

Though acquiring a new internship position can be quite intimidating, take each day like a challenge.  Try and learn or accomplish something new each time you go into your work space, and attempt to find a larger purpose that relates to you personally with everything you do."

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