Irantzu - Biology (Spain)

Biology Intern

"I decided to come to Australia right after finishing my degree in Biology in the Basque Country. The main reason to do that internship was that I wanted to get some experience in the professional scientific world before trying to find a job. Another reason was that I wanted to find out what could be my future job. I also saw it as a great opportunity to improve my English level.

The internship is being very useful because I am learning lots of things, such us using the Scanning Electron Microscope, how to photograph specimens, IUCN Red list, some lab work and much more. 

I totally recommend anyone to do an internship and preparing it with Australian Internships. They work very well and they plan everything in advance with enough time.

Even so, there is always time to travel around and explore this beautiful country, get to know its kind people and know the Aussie relax and calm way of living."

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