Ryan - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

HIP - Food & Beverage - Ryan Joshua Julian PASCUA (C30943) - Philippines - 2017 - 1.jpg

"Deciding to do Internship in Australia is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It taught me on how to embrace, respect and appreciate everyone's culture. It made me realize the value of intercultural exchange. Going to a different country without knowing someone is a challenge, I became independent, strong and wise on the decisions I make. Leaving the Philippines for a year is like me leaving in my comfort zone. I told myself If I want to be successful, I need to leave my comfort zone and take a risk. If I want to be better than average, I need to get out of the comfort zone. Rewards are most often determined by the risk that
we take.
I am just so lucky that I choose Australian Internships because they are known for providing highest quality programs and services. And I am proud I made a right decision. It became one of my major support systems during my stay in Australia. When I saw the training plan that was created for my program, I became more excited. I can tell how much they really want us to learn from the food and beverage skills and It was crafted to the very specific details. With one year of internship, I consider this as one of my adventures. I love doing something I’ve never done and going somewhere I’ve never been. I have a positive approach to new experiences. I am excited about growing, learning, and improving myself. Adventure is fun because it gives us promise and hope. It promises new things and it gives us hope of becoming a better person from those experiences."

Published on by Daniele L.