Nino Jesus David - F&B (Philippines)

“This program gives me almost everything, a workplace that allows me to grow professionally, a place that help me to become a better person and third is to meet new friends that I will never forget in my entire life. I become a new person a better in just a year. I am so proud of myself having to conquer my fear. I’m so sad that my program is about to finish. However it means a new adventure. To future interns don’t hold yourself don’t be afraid to change for good. Life is journey so don’t stop. Always remember you are not working when you are enjoying. Best of luck. P.S I will be back on Australia soon to study. I might see you around. Thank you for everything Australian Internship”

Robin - F&B (Philippines)

"My expectations were exceeded with regards to work as everyday I am learning something new. This is truly an exciting experience I don't want to end...I can't wait to see what's in-store for me after this training but I don't want to rush as well into things as I am enjoying and savouring each day!"

Natasha - Culinary (Zimbabwe)

"I decided to do this one year internship to broaden my knowledge in Culinary Arts. I believe that as an up coming chef one needs to travel and gain as much exposure as they can outside their comfort zone. As an intern you are a student who is being taught the art of cooking and presenting the finest dishes with world renowned hotels. It is not easy to get employment with these hotels yet you are privileged to be let in as an intern. 

Future interns: Take this opportunity to develop and improve your skills. You might be an intern but you are welcomed as a team member. Always do the best you can within your capacity and know that as time goes on you will improve. 

3 things I like about Australia: I love the infrastructure in the city and the layout of the neighbourhoods where you can take endless walks.
2. I like how polite and welcoming the people here are. You can strike a conversation with anyone you meet. 
3. I like the weather changes especially spring when all starts to bloom again."

Leigh - Culinary (Philippines)

"I have improved my skills developed new Styles and know where I really want to be.

This internship has made a huge impact in my life. I've experience different cultures, explored cities and tried many new things I've never done before.

When I found cooking, I found myself."

Vanessa - F&B (Costa Rica)

"This internship has impacted my present and future in so many ways. It made me grow with integrity, knowing that this is when you make good and take actions even if there’s nobody watching you. It made more mature as I became independent. I learned to do everything by myself: living alone, travelling on my own, etc...
My co-workers at the restaurant were really nice and we worked as a good team. My supervisors Monica and Dexter were wonderful examples to follow. They are great leaders and individuals, always guiding me to the correct path; they provided confidence and support, very professional. The head chef Pablo was also very approachable, professional and supportive."


Nicole - Food & Beverage (Philippines)


"As a F&B intern, I'm trained to plan, organize and deliver five-star fine dining service at one of the most prestigious hotel properties in the world. I chose to participate in the Australian Internships Program because I know that this experience will become significant in my career. I was sure that during and after this program I could enrich social interaction, professional development, and cultural experience among my colleagues."

Rina - Chef (Philippines)

"This experience is special because it opened my eyes to different cultures and made me a better and responsible person. It impacted my future greatly since it made me more mature and more open-minded about other people's culture. The experience made me grow as a Chef because I now work faster and cleaner.The highlight of my experience so far is doing three areas (the Casbar kitchen, Room service kitchen and Tempo kitchen) all by myself in one of the busiest days in our casino. It pushed me to multi-task, be fast and prepare everything in advance. It was a feat I will never forget because after I finished the service, all I could do is do a small victory dance because I realized that I can do it."

Pamela - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

"I decided to do my internship in Australia because it is known to be one of the best countries to work. I met a lot of friends and I learned a lot of things. I have created a lot of good memories with my friends. This experience gave me a great impact in my whole life because it teaches me to be more mature enough to face all the trials that life might bring."

Jonathan - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

Hospitality Intern at workplace

"I decided to do an internship in Australia to gain further experience in the Hospitality industry and learn the Australian way of Hospitality service. The company made me feel as if we were a family than a team of colleagues, since we are a small organization and company. Everyone is friendly, approachable and sociable in the workplace.

AI made an impact in my life since they were the one who assisted me with the entire process. I am forever thankful for the company that I was able to undergo this experience. I will be able to carry on the learnings as I progress in my career."