Galip Arkan - Food Production (Turkey)

HIP - Food Production - ARKAN, Galip Tunca (C40594) - Turkey (Sydney) 2018.jpg

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

After I had completed my studies I wanted to improve my skills in the field in a foreign country with a multicultural society and I believe every new working venue will help me to develop new abilities. Another reason is that nowadays most of the employers are looking for employees with strong CV and I know mine will be strengthen with this internship. 

What have you learned the most during your internship?

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. In the hotel I work there are chefs from India, Philippines, Nepal and other nationalities which gave me a chance to learn their food culture as well as the their technique. I have also learnt new cooking techniques and improved my current culinary skills.

What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?

AI was part of the process all the time. My questions, even the most ridiculous ones, were answered by them any time I have sent them an e-mail. During my internship period the letters they sent me and the discounts which have been provided by them to certain companies made my stay more comfortable.

What advice would you give future interns?

The first month of the internship will be an adapting period with lots of homesickness. It will be better for future interns to go out, try to make new friends which will improve their view of life. For the working purposes, I would suggest them try to learn as much as they can, ask questions all the time and take notes or take photos of what they do if they are allowed to use their mobile phone. Do not think that Australia is always hot. Try to bring some winter clothes with you too.

What do you enjoy most about Australia?

I love the society of Australia. As a metropolitan city Sydney is a big city, which politeness is not expected for crowded city people. However Sydneysiders are kind really helpful to foreigners. I also like the scenic beauties of Australia with beaches, mountains are fascinating. It is easy to reach to those scenes by public transport.

Meiti Valentina - Food & Beverage (Indonesia)

HIP - F&B - VALENTINA, Meiti (C39901) - Indonesia (Tangalooma) - 2018.jpg

Why did you choose to complete an Internship?

Whether an internship is paid, for academic credit, unpaid or not-for-credit, it doesn't change its value. For me, Internships are an investment in my future. By doing an internship I gain real world experience, it gives me the opportunity to gain hands-on training in a professional environment. It also gives me the opportunity to expand my networking, which is so important in the hospitality industry.  I can also learn how to communicate in a professional way. Completing an Internship will help me to build my resume and make it even stronger because employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume or lacking experience.     

What have you learned the most during your internship?

Time management is the most important thing that I have learned during my internship. I have learned how important time management is in the real world, how every minute counts and worth the penny. By knowing how to manage my time, I feel that I can be more efficient in my workplace. I also learned about teamwork, where teamwork is a crucial thing in food and beverage industry. When we work together as a good team, we will achieve a good result from the customers, and when there is a happy customer, it will just simply makes me happy and make my day.

What benefits do you feel AI contributed to your internship and time in Australia?

AI is really helpful to my internship and my time in Australia. They always helped me and gave me support from the beginning until the end of the internship program.  Australian Internships also helped me to keep on the right track, they always give me a better solution for every problem. For me, chose AI for my internship career in Australia was the best choice that I've ever made because they really find the best workplace for me as well. By came along to do my internship from AI, it gave me a chance to be trained as a leader and supervisor which is good for my future career.

 What advice would you give future interns?

Make friends as much as you can, travel every site of Australia, and don't forget to learn about the history! While you're in Australia, you have to make lots of friends and learn about their cultures either from Australians or any foreigner. Every single city in Australia has different things to see! From the buildings, the weather, and also the lifestyle. Then the history, this is a must thing to know and learn! I learned so many histories about Australia from the history of Aboriginal people until the famous Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly! Last but not least, don't you forget to try Vegemite!

What do you enjoy most about Australia?

I could say that traveling is one of my passions. I love to see different things and this is what I like about Australia! Australia offers me so many new things to see and experience. As I am working on the beautiful island called Moreton Island which is the 3rd largest sand island in the world, it gives me an unforgettable experience, and I am really in love with the beaches. I became friends with so many people from different nationalities and Australia just simply gives me a whole new perspective about everything! I also love the diversity in Australia, where everyone always respects each other's culture. I could say that Australia is my favourite country so far!


Steven Saputra - Food & Beverage - Indonesia

HIP - F&B - Steven SAPUTRA (C41660) - Indonesia (Brisbane) 1.png

“I decided to come to Australia because Australia is a tourism country, so there are many opportunities to improve my skills & knowledge especially on my field – Hospitality. With this internship experience, I could develop my career and also have new knowledge about managing 5 star hotels. 
My advice for future interns is: be confident, take your time and reach your experience and knowledge for achieve the best future.”

Ogo Sison - Food & Beverage (Philippines)


"I've been an intern before, this was my second time. First time was in the US and while I had made so many good memories there, being an intern in Australia was a different one as this is where I could say I've actually learned real lessons. This is where I've learned that I can be a leader and manage shifts and fellow staff. I have learned so much from developing my leadership skills, coffee skills, and bartending skills and also learning a better sense and knowledge of the Food and Beverage department.

I would definitely recommend anyone who had just graduated from UNI to have an internship first before finally going out to the world and finding their own spot in the industry. Truly life changing. Over all, my experience in Australia has been amazing. People are friendly, places are just beautiful and there are just diverse cuisines everywhere!"

Karen - Food Production (Philippines)


"I decided to go to Australia to broaden my knowledge in the culinary field. The diverse culture has helped me be knowledgeable to other cuisines aside my own. I was able to taste different kinds of food and experience various cooking skills that are not common to my country. However, my stay here was not only beneficial to my career but it has also led me to discover myself- my strengths and my weaknesses. Leaving my comfort zone has made me independent and resilient, a person who is now ready to face challenges that will come her way. And for that, I am very grateful. My advice to the future interns is to be involved- do things beyond your assigned task and observe and always ask questions. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as you can from the talented people around you."

Merylle - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

HIP - Food & Beverage - Merylle Santos NATANAUAN (C31253) - Philippines - 2017 - 1.jpg

"Australia is just a place that I've been dreaming of. Who would have thought through this internship I was given a chance to chase and aim one of my dreams. I found my second home through the help of Australian Internships who patiently helps and assists me for this wonderful internship. I am so lucky that I was placed in a company where I can have an extended family, who treats me not just an ordinary team but also one of their family member. This internship broadens my experience especially in Hospitality, my chosen profession that taught me how to become more confident to handle different type of situations. Be stronger to face difficulties. Being wise in terms of decision-making. Being independent to live and be able to stand for myself. And lastly, how to respect each and everyone despite their differences. This program helps me to travel and explore Australia too, aside from gaining my international experience in so many ways you also have a privilege to see the beauty of Australia."

Ryan - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

HIP - Food & Beverage - Ryan Joshua Julian PASCUA (C30943) - Philippines - 2017 - 1.jpg

"Deciding to do Internship in Australia is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It taught me on how to embrace, respect and appreciate everyone's culture. It made me realize the value of intercultural exchange. Going to a different country without knowing someone is a challenge, I became independent, strong and wise on the decisions I make. Leaving the Philippines for a year is like me leaving in my comfort zone. I told myself If I want to be successful, I need to leave my comfort zone and take a risk. If I want to be better than average, I need to get out of the comfort zone. Rewards are most often determined by the risk that
we take.
I am just so lucky that I choose Australian Internships because they are known for providing highest quality programs and services. And I am proud I made a right decision. It became one of my major support systems during my stay in Australia. When I saw the training plan that was created for my program, I became more excited. I can tell how much they really want us to learn from the food and beverage skills and It was crafted to the very specific details. With one year of internship, I consider this as one of my adventures. I love doing something I’ve never done and going somewhere I’ve never been. I have a positive approach to new experiences. I am excited about growing, learning, and improving myself. Adventure is fun because it gives us promise and hope. It promises new things and it gives us hope of becoming a better person from those experiences."

Anish - Food & Beverage (Nepal)


"Australia has always been a major attraction for  travellers . I have heard a lot about its people ,its climate and its amazing scenery which always make me want to visit Australia. I always want to improve my english vocabulary as its really important in hospitality so internship in Australia has been a chance for me to improve myself and to travel . So without any hesitation I process my internship and got succeed.

I was selected in a central Australia which is a total desert. I have never seen a landscape like that and livng there was a completely new experience for me . people working there were so nice very friendly and mostly they were always happy to teach you and support you whenever necessary. I met amazing friends there and have a lot of fun there.

This Internship has made me a confident and compitent person in hospitalty. I can work anywhere in the Hospitality . Also it has increase my capability to work as a supervisor or any managerial role .

 Gaining the more deep knowledge about wines and cofee was very new and very Important thing that I learn in my Internship . Also working as a host and interactting with the guest has increase level of confidence .

Anyone who is planning Internship I recommend to choose Australia with Australian Internship I bet you will have the amazing experience."

Kedar - Food & Beverage (India)

Picture Kedar BODIWALA -.jpg

Why did you decide to do your internship in Australia?

Since I've engage my self with hospitality industry which has great influence of multi culture people, guest and workforce However dealing with someone who doesn't belong to your culture is always been slight challenging.There are many reason for choosing Australia. it has been favorite destination for million of tourist from all over the globe.
Australia is one of the largest country surrounded by lots of island around and also has a great stand in world economy. Australia is blessed with wide and super natural landscape beauty as well as pleasant beaches. Hospitality is one of the largest growing industry in Australia and i believe that it will have great future ahead by creating jobs, providing services to government and tourists. people of Australia has great sense of art, despite of being advanced technology country, Art has equally importance in the country, in addition it has great cultural values & norms. All of these makes Australia impeccable. i like traveling, spending time with nature and art also, all of these i can assume that i could enjoy by living in Australia.

What made this experience unique and special?

Learning is a part of daily life. My experience with colleague is one of the best work experience though, I've worked before in large companies but this one is extremely stunning. Working with Australia's top hospitality group is an amazing experience in addition to that, co-workers, colleague and superior are very kind and helpful. Professional side, I've learned many managerial skills which I've not even tried before due to lack of opportunity, skills like team building, managing staff, Time management, Training in individual and operation cost, besides that improved my communicative skills, technical knowledge and also polished my skills by practicing each day.Thanks to my manager and supervisor who believed in me and my got my potential hence they always give me high task to manage. when you do something first time which you've not done before that is challenging and big thing is my bosses always support me. As a whole it is unique experience by working with multicultural team and extremely supportive team.


How has this experience impacted your future?

To make my career profile bright and strong ,certainly this experience will be very helpful for meCurrent work experience has greatimpact on my resume as well as my career path moreover for bright future and better workplace it is going to propose many opportunity. i have develop many high level managerialskills at my current work place that will help me and my employer in many ways. Multi culture work force will definitely help for future correspond. Overseas work experience is well demanding at home country that would surely work.


What was the highlight of your experience?

When i decided to move to Australia , i studied about all the visa procedure first and by deep investigation i found AI and started my correspond with my AI Supervisor. interviews and all the procedure were quick.

One my first day , overall induction and orientation of the property and company. Met all the staff member they were very welcoming and supportive. Very next day started my job ,met 3 nationality people one first day , WOW....what a great start!! . gradually started performing my skills and got appreciated for that. After considering my self as important team member, management gave me a few responsibility which i have been performingadequately thoughmanagement gave me more responsibility which i have to perform well in any condition. that was a great gain in career.Second thing, along with these i went to many local events and shows whichrepresented art, music , movies , food and culture which i enjoyed a lot. to give my self a little change i have visited some of the tourist attraction like "Blue Mountain", Wine yards and" Truffle Mushroom" farms and Sydney. so far it is a great pleasure to be here and understanding people and culture along with exploring life at fullest.


What advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country with amazing people. it is worth living here and giving life a new chance to connect with different people on different place.You won't even realize how time passes. Working with great people will surely enrich your stay here. things are so easily accessible around, user friendlyand very easy going if you seek for any kind of help or suggestion , information and directions are available every where, so easy. it is well economically balanced country so your earnings and spendingcould be certainly manageable.

Lots of tourist attraction plus variety of cultural events will not make you bore. Complement of various birds, nature and animal surely make your stay stunning.

Nino Jesus David - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

“This program gives me almost everything, a workplace that allows me to grow professionally, a place that help me to become a better person and third is to meet new friends that I will never forget in my entire life. I become a new person a better in just a year. I am so proud of myself having to conquer my fear. I’m so sad that my program is about to finish. However it means a new adventure. To future interns don’t hold yourself don’t be afraid to change for good. Life is journey so don’t stop. Always remember you are not working when you are enjoying. Best of luck. P.S I will be back on Australia soon to study. I might see you around. Thank you for everything Australian Internship”

Robin - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

"My expectations were exceeded with regards to work as everyday I am learning something new. This is truly an exciting experience I don't want to end...I can't wait to see what's in-store for me after this training but I don't want to rush as well into things as I am enjoying and savouring each day!"

Natasha - Culinary (Zimbabwe)

"I decided to do this one year internship to broaden my knowledge in Culinary Arts. I believe that as an up coming chef one needs to travel and gain as much exposure as they can outside their comfort zone. As an intern you are a student who is being taught the art of cooking and presenting the finest dishes with world renowned hotels. It is not easy to get employment with these hotels yet you are privileged to be let in as an intern. 

Future interns: Take this opportunity to develop and improve your skills. You might be an intern but you are welcomed as a team member. Always do the best you can within your capacity and know that as time goes on you will improve. 

3 things I like about Australia: I love the infrastructure in the city and the layout of the neighbourhoods where you can take endless walks.
2. I like how polite and welcoming the people here are. You can strike a conversation with anyone you meet. 
3. I like the weather changes especially spring when all starts to bloom again."

Leigh - Culinary (Philippines)

"I have improved my skills developed new Styles and know where I really want to be.

This internship has made a huge impact in my life. I've experience different cultures, explored cities and tried many new things I've never done before.

When I found cooking, I found myself."

Vanessa - Food & Beverage (Costa Rica)

"This internship has impacted my present and future in so many ways. It made me grow with integrity, knowing that this is when you make good and take actions even if there’s nobody watching you. It made more mature as I became independent. I learned to do everything by myself: living alone, travelling on my own, etc...
My co-workers at the restaurant were really nice and we worked as a good team. My supervisors Monica and Dexter were wonderful examples to follow. They are great leaders and individuals, always guiding me to the correct path; they provided confidence and support, very professional. The head chef Pablo was also very approachable, professional and supportive."


Nicole - Food & Beverage (Philippines)


"As a F&B intern, I'm trained to plan, organize and deliver five-star fine dining service at one of the most prestigious hotel properties in the world. I chose to participate in the Australian Internships Program because I know that this experience will become significant in my career. I was sure that during and after this program I could enrich social interaction, professional development, and cultural experience among my colleagues."

Rina - Chef (Philippines)

"This experience is special because it opened my eyes to different cultures and made me a better and responsible person. It impacted my future greatly since it made me more mature and more open-minded about other people's culture. The experience made me grow as a Chef because I now work faster and cleaner.The highlight of my experience so far is doing three areas (the Casbar kitchen, Room service kitchen and Tempo kitchen) all by myself in one of the busiest days in our casino. It pushed me to multi-task, be fast and prepare everything in advance. It was a feat I will never forget because after I finished the service, all I could do is do a small victory dance because I realized that I can do it."

Pamela - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

"I decided to do my internship in Australia because it is known to be one of the best countries to work. I met a lot of friends and I learned a lot of things. I have created a lot of good memories with my friends. This experience gave me a great impact in my whole life because it teaches me to be more mature enough to face all the trials that life might bring."

Jonathan - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

Hospitality Intern at workplace

"I decided to do an internship in Australia to gain further experience in the Hospitality industry and learn the Australian way of Hospitality service. The company made me feel as if we were a family than a team of colleagues, since we are a small organization and company. Everyone is friendly, approachable and sociable in the workplace.

AI made an impact in my life since they were the one who assisted me with the entire process. I am forever thankful for the company that I was able to undergo this experience. I will be able to carry on the learnings as I progress in my career."