Merylle - Food & Beverage (Philippines)

HIP - Food & Beverage - Merylle Santos NATANAUAN (C31253) - Philippines - 2017 - 1.jpg

"Australia is just a place that I've been dreaming of. Who would have thought through this internship I was given a chance to chase and aim one of my dreams. I found my second home through the help of Australian Internships who patiently helps and assists me for this wonderful internship. I am so lucky that I was placed in a company where I can have an extended family, who treats me not just an ordinary team but also one of their family member. This internship broadens my experience especially in Hospitality, my chosen profession that taught me how to become more confident to handle different type of situations. Be stronger to face difficulties. Being wise in terms of decision-making. Being independent to live and be able to stand for myself. And lastly, how to respect each and everyone despite their differences. This program helps me to travel and explore Australia too, aside from gaining my international experience in so many ways you also have a privilege to see the beauty of Australia."

Published on by Daniele L.