Anish - Food & Beverage (Nepal)


"Australia has always been a major attraction for  travellers . I have heard a lot about its people ,its climate and its amazing scenery which always make me want to visit Australia. I always want to improve my english vocabulary as its really important in hospitality so internship in Australia has been a chance for me to improve myself and to travel . So without any hesitation I process my internship and got succeed.

I was selected in a central Australia which is a total desert. I have never seen a landscape like that and livng there was a completely new experience for me . people working there were so nice very friendly and mostly they were always happy to teach you and support you whenever necessary. I met amazing friends there and have a lot of fun there.

This Internship has made me a confident and compitent person in hospitalty. I can work anywhere in the Hospitality . Also it has increase my capability to work as a supervisor or any managerial role .

 Gaining the more deep knowledge about wines and cofee was very new and very Important thing that I learn in my Internship . Also working as a host and interactting with the guest has increase level of confidence .

Anyone who is planning Internship I recommend to choose Australia with Australian Internship I bet you will have the amazing experience."

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