Time Management

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Adapting to a new task schedule can be hard, especially if you are new to the role. But, there is a way to get the most out of your time at the internship, and impress your host supervisor as well! The key is managing your time to get your tasks done and show that you are responsible enough to handle bigger and better tasks and projects! Below are some time management tips to start using to your advantage…

Create a daily plan and stick to it – so that you know at the start of your day what you need to do and when, this can really help you focus. If unexpected tasks come up and you need to make your plan flexible, this can also help you prioritise your tasks.
Make your own deadlines – if your task is due by 11am, have it ready by 10:30 so you can get feedback and make sure it is perfect by the due time. And if you don’t need to change it, you have extra time for other tasks and can show your efficiency!
Focus on one task at a time – multitasking is an admirable skill, however it takes years to master not being distracted by thoughts of one project while you are doing another. Focus and get one task done before moving on to the next, and it will be done more quickly.
Learn to prioritise – try to learn what you should prioritise early, and when you start working on your own to-do lists make sure that you confirm with your host supervisor that your priorities are in line with the company’s.

There are so many more ways to manage your time, but these are a great way to start!

Published on by Daniele L.