5 ways to show a professional appearance

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•    Understand what is appropriate in your industry: Of course your outfit is not going to be the same if you are working in a kitchen or in an office. But wherever you are, you should always consider the culture of the company. If the company has a dress code, then follow it!

•    Avoid neon colours and overly flashy clothes: Both men and women should be careful with really bright colours. It can be distracting and does not reflect a professional appearance.

•    Take care of your hair (and the beard): Yes, nowadays wearing a beard is fancy, but it doesn’t mean it is okay to have a big wild bear covering your entire face! And that’s the same with your hair: get a clean haircut and a professional hairstyle. Make sure that your hair is dry before arriving in your workplace. 

•    Pay attention to details: It can be really strong perfume, noisy jewellery, unclean shoes; ankle socks with slacks, a messy handbag, or an old manicure… these little details can make you look unprofessional. 

•    Smile: Smile at everyone. This is the best tip we can give you; you will look friendlier and more professional. Your smile is an element of your outfit in is own right.


Published on by AI.