How to get along with your new colleagues in your internship

Colleagues are important during an internship.  Having a good relationship with your colleagues is necessary however it is not always easy, especially for interns who have never had work experience before. Below are some tips for you to get along smoothly with your colleagues.


1.      Find a common interest and socialise during your lunch time 

Finding a common interest is a good way to break the ice. For example, it can be a common favourite movie, a common hobby or a common favourite meal.  Take initiative to have lunch and chat with your colleagues during a break.  It can be advantageous to know and to be known by your colleagues.  If you have a good time during lunch, it may help you to start or strengthen a relationship. However, you can not expect that everyone in the company will be your friend. Be sure not to talk about sensitive topics, such as religion, politics or something too personal.


2.      Be respectful and adaptable

Especially for interns who work in a multicultural company, you should learn to respect different cultures and be open-minded. Conflicts can stem from cultural differences, but also from differences of opinion or misunderstandings - it is best to try to discover the cause of the conflict before assuming the person is culturally incompatible. You should try to adapt to the company and local culture, and if you have an opportunity to share your culture with your team it can be a great way to interest others and make connections. However, do not force your culture onto anyone else - you must respect all cultures.


3.       Show respect for your superiors

Sometimes, the most friction among colleagues is from your supervisor or manager due to high demands or negative attitudes.  Do not regard your supervisor as your friend and try your best to learn as much as you can from her/him. Normally, supervisors are experienced, thus interns should trust them and adapt to their training styles.  Always be honest and communicate with your supervisor in a respectful and polite manner.


4.      Avoid Gossip

Gossip is usually harmful in the working place. Hostility is often from gossiping and complaining amongst colleagues.  The best way to avoid this is to turn away when you hear it and not to let yourself get involved.   


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