How to stay on track?

Stay on track: career advice

Career Advice for interns:  How to stay on track?

Get Organised

When your work life is organised, you are able to be more productive. It might be a little bit hard in the beginning, but once you get organised you can manage your tasks better and identify what is most important in order to achieve your current goals. Without organisation reaching your goals may take time or become challenging.


Build a routine

Create a daily routine and stick to it.  Be strict with your time on every task when possible, which will help you to get used to meeting deadlines. A great way to monitor your time management is to set an achievable goal everyday and have a timetable that allows you to manage your time efficiently enough to reach your goal by the end of the day.


Create reminders

Set reminders to make sure you are sticking to your routine, as well as to make sure you can plan ahead for meetings, events and deadlines! It’s also great to use reminders when you have important tasks coming up, it can be a very useful tool as you may not always remember what you have planned or what tasks you need to complete but having a written account of what needs to be managed can refresh your memory and be a great way to monitor your time management!


Break down projects

Break large projects down into mini project phases, and it won’t appear so overwhelming! Creating these small goals means that every time you achieve one you will feel accomplished and stay motivated! To make sure you achieve these small goals on time you should try to make a to do list at the beginning of the day and assign tasks to specific times in the day, this will help you to maintain a good handle on all tasks that you may need to complete!


Eliminate distractions

When you begin a task or project, focus is king so observe and eliminate those things that distract you. It will have a powerful impact on your capacity to be efficient! 

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