Attention to detail

Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right.” said Steve Jobs. 

Attention to Detail - Is thorough in accomplishing a task with concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. Details can also make the difference between good internship and an outstanding internship! Here are a few tips from Australian Internships on the importance of attention to details and key behaviours. 

Key Behaviours: 

•    Keep a to-do-list or checklist with all the key tasks and details you need to focus on. 
•    Read and review your work and emails for mistakes before sending out. 
•    Follow instructions and procedures to make sure all key areas are completed accurately.
•    Be careful and pay special attention to all tasks that you do (even if you do them often!)  
•    Make sure equipment is working before it is needed in a task or project. 
•    ASK QUESTIONS! If in doubt ask for help or clarification on a task. Better to be sure what your requirements are from the start, rather than completing a task inaccurately. 
•    Eliminate every distraction possible and try to create an environment where you can create at peak performance.
•    Set specific goals and review them regularly. 
•    Getting most important tasks done first is both the most efficient way to begin your day and a method that will encourage you to vigorously tackle other tasks.

Remember, it is better to take your time to complete a task thoroughly and accurately and avoid making mistakes! 


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