Omid - Accounting (Iran)

"Being students we have our educational knowledge in common. What stands out to employers is those students who have also had work experience by the time they graduate. I feel the internship placed by AI, gives me the opportunity to specialize my skills in the Taxation field, which are generally required for my future career. In addition, I have had the chance of experiencing an Australia workplace culture and atmosphere."

Yue - Accounting (China)

"It is true that a University degree is not sufficient for employment now. I believe that the internship placed by AI was a good platform for me on which I could demonstrate and further develop my abilities and skills. 

The intern position is well suited to me because I really enjoy learning and working in this area. It is worth mentioning that the work environment of the Host Organization is very supportive and friendly. With the professional guidance of my mentor, I’m making progress day by day and becoming more confident in reaching my career goals."