Giorgi - Finance (Greece)

"There is always a difference between theory and practice. So, I wanted to get a practical experience in the field of Finance before starting a MSc in Banking and Finance. Furthermore, I wanted to have international working experience so I could advance my career. I wanted to see how the work is done in Australia and to explore a new continent where everybody speaks English.

I have learnt so many things during these amazing 6 month of my internship. This experience helped me to develop personally and professionally. Being intern under this program gave me the opportunity to work with very highly skilled professionals, to discover my strengths and to develop leadership skills. It gave me insight into how job should be done across different divisions within the bank and I worked on very important projects. 

The experience of living and working in Australia is priceless. If you have the opportunity never miss it. Be confident and accept the challenge. Be prepared this experience will make you to dream bigger and achieve even more."

Published on by Daniele L.