Congratulations on taking the first step towards a new career adventure – an internship through Australian Internships! Please follow the below instructions to complete your application video.

This application video will allow us to gauge a better understanding of your skills and goals which in turn will help us find the best possible internship for you.

After recording your video please upload it here.


  1. Record you video via a smart phone/recording device in landscape

  2. Set the phone/recording device up on a stand so that you can speak hands free

  3. Select an appropriate location - quiet environment & clean background

  4. Dress to impress - wear professional attire

  5. Be prepared and speak clearly - a good idea is to practice first

  6. Look at the camera during your recording


Videos should be between 1 - 3 minutes in length and follow the below guide for recording:

Introduction (10 seconds):
State your name, nationality, current location and age

Education (30 seconds):
Provide an overview of your current/past studies highlighting academic achievements or graduation dates

Internship Objectives (40 seconds)
Explain your Internship goals including specific areas/tasks/responsibilities within your field you would like gain exposure to

Personal and Professional Skills (40 seconds):
Highlight your skills related to your internship field & how you developed these skills (academic or professional experience)

Please find a sample intern video for your convenience!

Click here to upload your video.

We look forward to seeing your video and will be in touch following with the outcome.

Good luck and enjoy!