Ksenia -Russia (Sydney)

"I had a truly fantastic 6 months with Komatsu Australia - definitely a time to remember. It was a bit challenging to adapt to the culture in the beginning, but positive attitude and believe in yourself will definitely help in overcoming these  difficulties along the way. Australian Internships were supportive and my IPS Caroline was there when I needed her to
help me with my enquiries. My colleagues were helpful and understanding as well, I learnt an Aussie slang and even tried to use it with my colleagues: like "G'day Mate" or "Hoo Roo" :)
I had lots of fun and 6 months passed incredibly fast: I loved every day of it - with heaps of things to learn and amazing people to meet.
Thank you Australian Internships for this unforgettable experience! "


"I work for the biggest entertainment group in Sydney and this makes me very proud. I am extremely happy with my internship as my colleagues make me feel part of the team every day and they give me lots of responsibilities. I feel that what I do every day helps the company and my department and this makes me very proud. I like keeping busy and this is what I like about the internship, there’s always something to do and I am learning a lot about HR and recruitment. Totally worth it!
I would like to thank AI and my Internship Supervisor for their support and for being so helpful throughout the whole process. I really enjoyed the experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone!"


"My name is Onanan Sanguantrakul from Thailand and I completed an internship in Human Resources in Sydney. I wanted to get a new internship experience and doing it in Australia was a big change for me in my life because it made me learn how to work with the inter-organization and work with people from different countries. This experience will improve my working skills and it will be great for my future because I can use my skills to develop myself for my future career. Internships are very important because doing an internship can make you get the new experience on your CV and it makes you more special than other people. I'm so happy that I choose to do my internship in Australia with Australia internships, the supervisors are really kind and I love the way they took care of me throughout my internship program."


"I chose to do this internship to gain a position that will extend my existing organisational and computing skills further and offer me the opportunity to progress. I wanted to work as part of a team, reflecting and expanding the skills that are necessary to ensure a smooth functioning workplace.
I have learned a lot about what HR is all about, and how to conduct and focus during both interviews and introductions. I have built a lot of confidence, have learned a lot and acquired a lot of knowledge from the host.
Australian Internships has helped me gain a lot of knowledge to start a new life after being a single, stay at home mum for over two years."