Natasha - Culinary (Zimbabwe)

"I decided to do this one year internship to broaden my knowledge in Culinary Arts. I believe that as an up coming chef one needs to travel and gain as much exposure as they can outside their comfort zone. As an intern you are a student who is being taught the art of cooking and presenting the finest dishes with world renowned hotels. It is not easy to get employment with these hotels yet you are privileged to be let in as an intern. 

Future interns: Take this opportunity to develop and improve your skills. You might be an intern but you are welcomed as a team member. Always do the best you can within your capacity and know that as time goes on you will improve. 

3 things I like about Australia: I love the infrastructure in the city and the layout of the neighbourhoods where you can take endless walks.
2. I like how polite and welcoming the people here are. You can strike a conversation with anyone you meet. 
3. I like the weather changes especially spring when all starts to bloom again."

Published on by AI.