Jennifer - Electrical Engineering (USA)

PIP - Electrical Engineering - Jennifer Toshiko  SEKI (C42394) - USA - 2.jpg

"Before applying for this internship program, I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if the large financial investment would pay off. However, now that it is my last week I've finally realized what a great decision it was to intern in Sydney. Not only have I gained a tremendous amount of technical skill, but I have also improved my social skills. Many students underestimate the value of having and being able to show that one has experience working with people. During my time here, I've found that this skill is invaluable. Company recruiters look for people who can work well with others. Sure, technical skill is important, but ultimately, you won't be doing your job alone. Besides pumping up my resume, these eight weeks have also opened my eyes to other cultures. Mostly through restaurant food, I've fallen in love with learning about these cultures and I dream of someday traveling to their birth places. If anything, the biggest thing I will take away from this trip is a yearning to see the world."

Published on by Daniele L.