The Hellenic Initiative Australia - Australian Internships


In June 2015, THI Australia launched its flagship Australian Internship Program to provide work and training opportunities for Greek graduates facing unprecedented unemployment in Greece.

THI Australia has partnered with more than 20 Australian companies to offer six-month paid internship positions, which represents an investment in Greece’s youth of $1.5 million. Interns receive training and mentoring, develop new skills and then return to Greece with new mindsets and capabilities based on their Australian workplace experience.

Participating companies include major Australian banks ANZ and NAB, and placements are spread across Australia in a variety of industries, from engineering to IT.

The first eight graduates began their internships in February 2016, working in companies in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. To date, 16 interns from Greece have been placed in Australian companies.

The Australian Internship Program is working in partnership with the groundbreaking ReGeneration program in Greece to select candidates for the Australian positions.

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