Huiping - Education (China)

Internship photo of teaching.jpeg

"I had a lot of new and exciting experiences throughout my internship and it was very valuable to me. 

One of the most interesting experience is to observe English classes of different levels and to learn about different teaching styles. The experience helped me a lot when I started to teach at the later stage of my internship. 

To teach parts of the lessons to international students is the most rewarding experience throughout my internship. As my future aspiration is to be a teacher, the teaching experience enabled me to try and conduct classes and to make use of different tools and methods to help students learn English. I have also developed more passion for teaching as I engage more in the classroom environment. Other than that, the teaching experience enabled me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. For example, I could have a louder volume and do more gestures to facilitate my teaching. 

The working culture in Australia is also very nice and fascinating. They are friendly to everyone no matter the status and race. I am very lucky to have met my supervisor, who is very positive and guided me throughout my internship. Last but not least, I would like to thank the support of the host organisation and Australian Internships, which made my internship meaningful and wonderful."

Published on by Daniele L.