Transport in Australia


One common question for interns who are planning to come to Australia, or who have just arrived in Oz is regarding Public Transport. Public transport in Australia is quite safe, comfortable and efficient, and offers four main options: bus, train, tram and ferry (the last two are only available in some cities).

Public Transport and Smart Cards

Each capital city has its own smart card, which gives you access to public transport. Please, see below a list of the cities that offer reusable smart cards for their public transport systems:

• Brisbane – Go Card used on trains, trams, buses and ferries.

• Melbourne – Myki Card; used on trains, trams and buses.

• Sydney – Opal Card; used on trains, trams, buses and ferries.

• Adelaide – Metrocard; used on trains, trams and buses.

• Perth – SmartRider; used on trains, buses and ferries.

• Hobart – Greencard; used on buses.

• Canberra – MyWay; used on buses.

• Darwin – Tap & Ride Card; used on buses.

You should be able to purchase one of these cards at vending machines, 7-Eleven stores, newsagents, bus and train stations, airports and convenience stores.


The cost associated with Public Transport in Australia can vary depending on the city and the type of transport you use. The smart card websites offer you an estimate of the costs to take you from A to B, along with the best type of transport to use in each case and timetables.

Taxi and Uber

Like most countries, there are several taxi services offered in Australia. While it can be a convenient way to move around, it can also be expensive. Ride sharing options like Uber can be a cheaper and reliable option.


If you hold a current driver’s license in your home country, you might be able to drive in Australia without getting an Australian license at least in your first 3 months here. But remember: these rules change from state to state, so better check the rules in your state. For more details click here.

Also, if your license isn’t written in English, you should also carry a certified translation in English or apply for an international driving permit in your home country.


A cheap and environmentally friendly option is to ride a bike. Most major cities now offer pick-up and drop-off hire services. Buying a bike is also a good option and second-hand bikes can be quite cheap and help you save during your internship experience. Just be aware of the road rules.


Hitching is not commonly used in Australia and is never completely safe, so we do not recommend it. However, people that do choose to hitch need to be aware of the risks and always inform family and / or friends where they are planning to go.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to move around in Australia during your internship, there is always a suitable option to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable!

Published on by Daniele L.