Australian slangs

Australian slang

1) G'day - This is a typical word used in Australia when greeting someone. It is a slang term that derives from good-day.

2) Arvo - If you hear someone say “arvo” (can sound like “avo”), it is a used when referring to the afternoon. An example of this slang word being used would be: “G’day mate, you free for a kick of the footy this arvo?”- Translation: Hey mate do you want to go kick the football around this afternoon?

3) Maccas – It is a term that is used only in Australia. This word is used when talking about McDonald’s. You will commonly encounter teenagers on "maccas runs". (A group of teens going to Mcdonald's to hangout and eat!).

4) Barby - Another very common term in "straya" (Australia). The term barby is used to refer to a barbeque and not to the internationally famous Barbie doll! A barby is commonly used to cook up some snags (sausages)!

5) Servo - By now you may be aware that us, Australians, love to shorten most words! The term “servo” is no exception. "Servo" is a slang word used when talking about service stations.

6) Brekkie - A slang term that you will become familiar with in Australia straight away! It is a slang term that is used when talking about breakfast.

7) Woop Woop - As Australia is a "heaps big" (Very big) country there are a lot of places that are in the middle of nowhere. “Woop woop” is a term that describes these areas. You may hear someone say: “No I am not going because it is in woop woop.”

8) Avo – Unlike “arvo” listed above, “Avo” is another great expression that Australians say to shorter the word avocado.

9) Esky - Our best friend in the summertime, an esky is a portable cooler bin that is essential in the summer to keep your beer (or any other beverage) nice and cold!

10) Thongs - We know what you may be thinking, but no, thongs in Australia are the common term for flip flops (some people may also call them “Havies” short for Havaianas a brand of thongs/flip flops).

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our culture!

Have a great “arvo”!

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