How to transition from Student to Working Adult

Student to working adult

For most of the interns, it is the first formal internship in the work place.  The transition from a student to a working adult is a big deal, as the real world working life is very different from student life! We have some tips  to help you manage the transition better.

Be prepared for entry-level work

Even if you have got a Masters degree from a top university, you can not expect to have important tasks in the beginning of the internship.  Most of the tasks are entry-level, and require more patience and hard work.  Making an effort with these entry-level tasks will show your supervisor that you are dedicated and thus may open up new doors for you.

Start networking

The contacts you make during the internship and how you maintain them are key success factors in jobseeking later and throughout your professional career. Using LinkedIn to nurture these relationships through your career is beneficial. Enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and expand your network.

 Behave professionally

Your professional image is important in the work place. Professional behaviour includes polite greetings with colleagues, handing in due tasks on time and avoiding gossip.  Observe the professional behaviour of experienced colleagues and learn from their example. Clothing standards in a working environment are usually more professional than those for students, so be sure to follow the company guidelines to attire and grooming standards.  

Manage relationships in the work place

At university, relationships are usually simple: student-student and student-teacher. It is much easier to make friends through having a meal or attending a society, and even through group projects. In contrast, very different dynamics exist in the workplace as you interact with many groups of people with different ages and at different professional levels. Interactions may be strictly professional instead of casual. It can be daunting at the start of an internship, but if you observe and ask your supervisor about it you can work on these relationships (and network!).

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