Operations and Management Team

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Diana van Woerkom established Australian Internships after many years in education and training with Queensland Government. Diana started her teaching career in Hervey Bay with a new concept in education that recognised the value of both the academic and technical/vocational development of students. She eventually moved into the role of Director of Business Development where much of the training was developed to respond to industry demands. Diana was actively involved international education and this served as a catalyst for the establishment of her own business Australian Internships – the first company in Australia to welcome and support students from over 45 countries. Diana was a founding member of the Australian Internships Industry Association and is an active member. Diana still enjoys meeting the many students and young professionals each year from countries all over the world. 


Rebekah joined AI in 2003 while studying Business Management at the University of Queensland. An avid traveler, Rebekah spent two years living and travelling through Latin America and is fluent in Portuguese. Bek’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the internship industry helps her understand the cultural & personal barriers faced by internationals travelling to Australia. She has a strong passion for the industry and believes that internships are a magnificent contribution to an international-oriented career & a great way to diversity the Australian workplace. In 2012, Bek established the Sydney operations; after three years of great success she relocated to the Head Office in late 2015 to take over the National Manager’s role.


Over twenty years’ experience in developing and managing Australian and international training and education projects. Jenny has worked with Government departments, training and corporate organizations regarding the implementation of training and workforce development projects in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Korea, PNG, Nauru and the Pacific region. She has a passion for making a difference to people's livelihood by ensuring they gain the knowledge and skills to be gainfully employed.


Marketing Team

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Originally from Switzerland, Sabrina obtained her marketing diploma in 2010 and a year later came to Australia to travel. She has travelled extensively through Europe, America, and Asia and speaks German, Italian, Spanish, French and English. Sabrina understands how difficult it can be to get a job as an international traveling in Australia and the barriers they often get confronted with. She has a passion for travel and people and is happy to answer any questions about the benefits of traveling and interning abroad.


Daniele Leao, originally from Brazil has an under graduate degree in Linguistics and Post graduate degree in Marketing and Integrated Communication. Daniele is passionate about understanding  people and their motivations, different cultures and communication styles. Over the past seven years, she worked in an advertising agency, where she developed an in-depth understanding  of branding, communication and advertising process in addition to working and studying how people connect with brands. Dani joined the AI team with a vision of helping people pursue an international-oriented career.

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Originally from Poland, Ania came to Australia in 2009 and started working at Australian Internships the same year. She also lived in London for 5 years – started as an intern, which then turned into to a permanent position. Therefore, Ania is well equipped by her own experiences to be able to advise international students on internship opportunities, career development and living abroad. Ania has worked in the education industry in a variety of roles including Marketing, Public Relations and Events for over 15 years. She is a people’s person, whose passions are travel, international education and helping young professionals make their dreams come true.

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Natana Zolini, originally from Brazil, has a bachelor of Industrial Design and has been working as a Graphic and Product Designer since 2011. After working in an advertising agency for about three years, she came to Sydney to study Project Management and to experience other cultures. Her favourite activity is painting, drawing and traveling. Natana is a passionate and creative professional whose main purpose is to work on expression and communication improvements using art and design thinking as a main resource.


programs Team


Caroline is a Kiwi! A New Zealand citizen that is. Caroline has a Bachelor of Tourism Management which makes her a great fit as a Hospitality Internship Placement Supervisor. Caroline has truly done it all- from operating rides at a theme park to retail management to working for the New Zealand government. She loves the outdoors, keeping physically fit and most importantly travel. In fact, she lived and worked in the United States. Throughout her time at home and overseas, Caroline has gained invaluable knowledge and experiences that have changed her life forever. She whole-heartedly believes in travel and extends her passion and enthusiasm to all of the interns she supports.


Keli has 7 years’ experience in both recruitment and student placement consulting, specialising in international student placement.  Keli lives in Wollongong and has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Communication studies from Wollongong University. Keli loves travelling and fitness and is passionate about internships and student success. 

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Rachael holds a Bachelor of Hotel Management from Griffith University. She has nearly 13 years of experience within the hospitality and hotel industry with the majority of which has been in Human Resources and Recruitment. Rachael is looking forward to assisting international students and graduates to kick start their hospitality careers with an invaluable internship opportunity within Australia.

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Originally born in Fiji, but raised in Australia. Shayal is in her final term of study, completing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Supply Chain Management & Information Systems. Before working for Australian Internships, Shayal has worked in the retail industry for seven and a half years gaining an understanding of client expectations. Shayal is excited about working and engaging with interns to learn about their backgrounds and experiences in order to assist each intern to reach their goals.

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An Australian & New Zealand citizen has worked in the customer service field for the past 5 years. Recently leaving Qantas Airlines where he worked as a Flight Attendant, Allan has visited every major city across the country. Allan lived in Japan on a sister city exchange program in 2010 where he learnt to speak conversational Japanese. Allan is well travelled, visiting over 15 countries globally by the age of 20, mainly parts of south east Asia. Originally from Mackay, North Queensland - Allan moved to Brisbane in 2012 to study a Bachelor in Clinical Psychology. His passion for assisting others and problem solving is what drove him to start his Diploma in Human Resource Management in June 2018.

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Originally from Botswana, Tumi Kgolo recently moved to Australia to pursue a Doctoral degree in Clinical Neuropsychology with The University of Queensland. She is an experienced Counselling Psychologist and Psychology Lecturer, fascinated by opportunities that involve exploring human behaviour and experience. Tumi thoroughly enjoys mentoring and nurturing growth in individuals, and looks forward to engaging with interns from different backgrounds, facilitating an enjoyable internship experience.


Services Team

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Kirsty, originally from Republic of Korea, has many years of professional experience, starting in 1994. She has worked in tourism and hospitality while focusing on customer care and relations. She has experienced being an international student, therefore she understands what our interns are expecting before and during their stay in Australia. She loves to work and experience life with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and she knows how important it is to make relationships with our interns. Kirsty also has great passions for travelling, meeting new people and playing golf!

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Originally from Hong Kong, has a Bachelor of Marketing from QUT. She has worked for 2 different International Colleges after graduation. She has extensive experiences in the Education Industry and as an international student, therefore, she understands the challenges our interns may face and can help them to adjust their life in Australia by sharing her own experiences. She understands how internship experience can be a great help for students who want to transit into working adults. Koey also speaks three different languages fluently, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She loves travelling and cooking, she has travelled through Europe, extensively in various Asian countries and cannot wait to travel to more new places and see more of the world!


Helena is originally from Sweden and speaks fluent Swedish and English. Helena has a Bachelor of Business and worked as a Consular Assistant at the Swedish Consulate in Brisbane for ten years prior to joining the Australian Internships team. She has extensive experience working with visas and is well equipped to help interns in this regard. Helena has lived in Australia for over 17 years, and previously lived in Sweden, France and USA. Her prior experience as an exchange student makes her accessible and able to identify with our interns. Helena enjoys travelling, languages, meeting new people and playing tennis.

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Linda is Brisbane born and lived in Queensland all of her life.  She enjoys country living and resides on acreage just outside of Brisbane.  Linda has been managing the accounts and finance areas of businesses for over 10 years where she enjoyed customer relationships and contributing to the business success. She hasspent most of her career in a customer service and administration roles.  Linda brings a high level of organisation and efficiency to the business along with vast client experience. Linda’s real passion is her family and she enjoys time with her grandchildren on a regular basis.  

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Rourke Pilling, a current student undertaking an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science – specialising in Genetics, Immunology and Bioinformatics. Rourke is passionate about making a difference in every facet of life, using passion, integrity and vigour in the workplace. Over the past four years Rourke has occupied casual roles in the hospitality industry, honing interpersonal skills in a workplace and learning how to function in a team. Rourke joined the AI team in hopes of breaking into the professional world and with a willingness to get the job done – on time and up to standard.