Sener Tunali

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"My name is Sener and I am an accomplished hotelier. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, I came to Australia 10 years ago as an intern through the Australian Internships programs.
After completing my internship , I was able to continue my employment at the same hotel. I learned so much and was exposed to a lot of new methods during the internship period which helped me develop a better understanding of the industry. With this under my belt, I quickly moved up the ladder and was promoted to a manager position. I had never even dreamed about having a manager title, at least not that fast.The opportunity to be trained as an intern formed a great step forward for me which helped me build bright career.
I have been a Department Head for the last 5 years overseeing the performance of 10+ managers/supervisors and 40+ team members. In the future, I would like to be a General Manager and if someone told me today there was a new internship program developing General Managers, I would be the first to enroll without thinking twice. My advice to you is that the opportunities are endless, start from somewhere, aim high, dream big, work hard, do not look back.

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Published on by Daniele L.